10 types of getaways with your best friends

10 types of getaways with your best friends

Getaways with best friends are never tiresome. We all want that enjoying travel experience with our closest friends and what fun it can be if that travel experience is somewhere abroad. Cause a few days of getaway never hurt nobody!   Here are some cool places to visit while you plan to escape life harsh realities.

1.    This calls for a reunion

Long distance friendships are the hardest. There is no time soon to meet each other. The only connection in today’s world thanks to technology advancement is through social media. So to plan perfect Getaways with best friends take time out from social media and actually be physically present in each other’s company plan a trip to Budapest this Hungarian capital has perfect relaxing spots for you and your bestie. Be it the city’s spas or bars. You can also travel to Lisbon which has great restaurants, great culture, and enough rooftop bars to spend time catching up with your long-lost friends. Want to look at some street-art, a trip stateside, Austin is the right choice. Good food and city tour in the tour bus is all that you need.

2. Outdoor activities

You don’t want a boring Getaways with best friends. Indoor activities are done at home while on a trip it only calls for outdoor as you are actually out of the door! Some activities that take your breath away are water rafting in Jackson, Wyoming. Feeling sporty travel to Vancouver and hike your way through Capilano Suspension Bridge. Queenstown is another place in New Zealand, where you can diver into an adventure like Skydive, go canoeing and zipline experience. 


3. All about hip

Wanting to have that one hip experience in to the city with your best friend? Berlin is blend of both history and cultures from around the world and not to forget about music! US trip and going straight to New York City can be your time of life having great bars to enjoy the music and many more. Singapore Flyer can only be found in Singapore so if you plan to visit this place. Not a bad idea.

4. The easy way out

A vacay for simple and easy chilling can also account for a perfect getaway with your best friend. To plan certain destinations you cant go wrong with Portland, Maine. This place is all about seaside walks and exploring towns and lighthouses. On the other side Provence in France is all about good food and villages.

5. Evening time is all about enjoyment.


Who says to have those hectic morning trips while you are on travel? A lazy morning time ending with good food and time out during evening is as better as any other trip. Copenhagen is all about that. Danish culture is good with that concept. California can also be in your bucket list if you look for such kind of travels. An areil trip to Mt. San Jacinto State Park is also exciting.

6. Travel + Food = Best time of your Life.


A combination of food and your best friend is tried and true, tested to be the best time ever! To get your cravings delighted head to Cape Town in South Africa that will make your belly and your best friend’s belly grateful to the God. Going east? Don’t forget Bangkok especially midnight Tuk-Tuk street food tour.

7. This way or that way? Bestway is both ways.


Exploring historic places can be your thing but not necessarily your bestfriend’s. You both can bond well if you choose place that goes both ways for you two. No complaints are there if you travel to Tulum. You can explore ancient Mayan ruins while your bestfriend can snorkel its way through famous caves. Barcelona also plays card very to provide a great travel, a tapas tour, or explore the works of famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

8. Party animals


If you know how to get down and party like never before than you and your bestie can head towards Goa. Its all about Sand beaches and wild hip parties.New Orleans in US is also a place where you can stop worrying about tomorrow with live jazz music. Explore cuisines in day time if you want. The island of Mykonos in Greece is all about fun. A sailing trip to visit its famous beaches is a must.

9. Connect with history


Paris can be your pick if you and your bestie want to explore the art galleries and history museums. See some of the world’s most famous art in the Louvre and marvel at Rodin’s sculptures. Feeling American? Head to Boston for some history you can either opt for the Freedom Trail on a walking tour or site seeing on a historic harbor cruise.


10. New company is a Cherie on top


As friendly and welcoming you and your best friend are you can have a trip planned to Amsterdam , where locals can help with best eatery and can also tell you a thing or two about the past. Days spent in Prague can also be enjoyable once you are done with all the visits, you both can go out with locals for a new adventure. Seattle in Washington state is perf for kicking some caffeine and exploration with locals.