You may feel like you’ve lived a great life and have made everlasting moments, or perhaps even on the contrary, we have the heavenly getaway planned for you! Make this spring unforgettable and give birth to moments that bring blissful perpetuity.

As you drive by to the European breeze, having it swift you away while in your comfortable cars, how about a little adventure and thrill for adrenaline? As cycling may be something you’ll definitely fancy to get a closer feel of the breeze! Even if you’re new to pushing the pedals, there are so many touring fascinations that’ll excite you to explore and discover with cycling as a hobby or as an escape from life’s monotony! These enchanting destinations on your very pedals will literally feed your soul!

  1. Cycling to the dazzling Granada

Now imagine yourself, standing above the Sierra Nevada’s overwhelming highest peak as you’re fully accelerated. Right on top of the continent! If this description didn’t take your breath away, then you’re definitely the right one for an E-bike! Pushing your feet up to the electrical pedal will definitely elevate you to a trance! So if you’re fearless enough to bring technology to your dazzling reconnaissance, then Granada awaits you! The path through Granada to Valetta Peak can take you by old glacier valleys and through snow-cabbed mountains. As soon as you’ve settled to the height, the breathtaking Spain will surely be a winner! Become one with the Mediterranean as your soul escalates and the view you could only dream of, becomes a reality. Yep. With Africa in your gaze, you sure will feel like you’ve lived these moments as eternity! Oh yes you will! You won’t resist becoming Leo from the Titanic, this is where nature will take its course and YOU, and you the vibrant traveler will gladly surrender! Being at 11,200 feet (4,000 meters) above sea level will make you feel like you’ve lived all the dreams, the world now belongs to you!

2. Live the Tuscan dream!

When it comes to the tasteful vine, exotic food, and dreamy landscapes Tuscany the destination any time of for you whether it’s Spring Summer or winters! Nonetheless, spring is among the most romantic seasons to see the breath of the region on. As every bike route will give you the best of the sweet, sweet life, we highly recommend a day trip through the Chianti Hills! Just to the south of the prettiest Florence. The flabbergasting fusion of vine tasting and pedal pushing is a magnificent treat! Just after you’ve rode past the many classic vineyards you wouldn’t want to miss lunch at the prime Tuscan villa estate. Here, you embrace the exclusive aroma and taste of olive oil and vine as your taste buds are set out to momentarily adventure. The most amazing destination that recreates the meaning of life and its finest gifts! We’re guessing you’ll leave Tuscany with more luggage than when you had come with!

3. Friendly trails with flowery fascinations in Amsterdam

The fantastic fact about bicycling in the Netherlands is that the landscape is completely flat. No hills means more energy and less sweat! It is among the safest and easiest to pedal push to, so by now you’re not just taken away by the imaginative festivity but are completely light headed too. As you take the two-wheeled tour through, it is certain that you’re swept away with the spectacular view. The thrill just gets better and better. Now on your mark, get set, GO! Vamoose from Amsterdam’s prime railway station and ride to the outskirts of town. Instantly you’ll arrive at the Water land District. Here, you’ll glide through ancient windmills scenic villages that you can only witness in beautiful paintings or movies. The moments you’ll be able to capture into stills will breathe life into memories made by you. You can also pause for a picnic along a local dam, brook, or canal — Trust us, with the choices ample choices given to you!

4. Edinburgh belongs to you!

Edinburgh in springtime is an absolute sanctuary. The skies are filled with sunny yellow horse bushes and delightful cherry blossoms. The bonus part? There is no crowd on the street thus, Edinburgh belongs to you! Scotland’s capital has now become the ideal destination for a journey on a bicycle. Let’s ramble and gather springs freshness by biking and cruising towards the Royal Mile. Here you’ll witness Scottish Parliament building, which is a must see beauty! Then you’ll come across the wonderful Holy rood Palace, and Arthur’s Seat. At the foot of Arthur’s Seat, you’ll discover a “secret” garden in Pudding stone. The “Dr. Neil’s Garden” named after the one who crafted this exquisite sight of paradise. For artists and travelers these mesmerizing destinations will be an ecstasy! For your way back, try the Innocent Cycle Path, a “rails to trails” project, this is a place where you won’t find a crowd, you’ll be able to bicycle along smoothly!

5. Flirty Nice, with its vines and waves.

With the Sun kissing your face, wind flirting, and the she waves… These are the moments you want to embrace! There’s an ideal destination for a long bike ride, this jaunt through Nice which begins at the sea. You’ll want to grab your shades, a silk scarf, with some friendly footwear to assist in pedaling — a little cycling journey awaits you! The trip begins at the most known Promenade des Anglais. Travel below the famous seaside route and along the intensely blue Mediterranean. Once you’re inland you definitely want to capture these moments that complement your Instagram! While you drift off from the ocean, subtle anxiety might strike How to let go of this beauty? You’ll question yourself to that we say: It gets better as we go! Behold, the unforgettable moments are still yet to occur! The sensational French Riviera is an abundance! The wine the ambiance and… And did you know? While you cycle further away from the coast, you’ll come across the gorgeous fields filled with rows upon rows of vines. You just want to sigh and smile. As you come across the vineyard that satisfies your taste buds you’ll want to ramble right off to the tasting room! You may chat with the winemakers, indulge in regional delicacies, that embrace Gallic glory which is most certainly, southern France!

Let’s make life worth living, your senses need this sanctuary and what can be better than visiting these wonderlands! Check out best Christmas markets in Europe.