9 Best Restaurants In Istanbul

9 Best Restaurants In Istanbul

If you want to enjoy the food in Istanbul then you have to try some of the best restaurants! Here are some best restaurants in Istanbul that are a must-visit for all food lovers and foodies out there!


Istanbul is a beautiful city where sea passes through the mystical land and it’s amazing history. Leb-i-Derya is situated in the middle of old Istanbul and is absolutely elegant. The theme on each floor of the restaurant is different from another. This is the perfect place to enjoy scrumptious food and drinks with your friend and family. The menu of Leb-i-Derya is same as other taverns in the region. The average starter price is between 18-20TL. Their main serving is rich and filling and you can easily finish it along with the starter. The house specialities include marinated mackerel with special Turkish spice and cherry stuffed dried aubergines. The main dishes Rangel between 25-80TL and the prices of drinks vary as per your choice of raki (traditional Turkish drink) or wine.  Sparkling wine is for 47TL rose or white wine is between 29-33TL, however red wine costs between 29-38TL. The cost of the wine depends upon the brand and the year. Similarly the price of single raki also ranges between 25-34 TL as per the brand.

The ambiance of the restaurant will make you feel cosy and at home. The top of the restaurant has Captain’s Lodge which is a small place to accommodate 20 people. You can get the seating in the main hall if you want to face the streets and enjoy the music. The restaurant offers the fusion of Rumelian and Anatolian cuisine which are of the best taste and will give you a pleasant experience.



Mikla is a restaurant where you will find the mix of Turkish and Scandinavian cuisine. The food is absolutely delicious and the dining experience is enhanced due to the pleasant views. This Turkish restaurant takes your dining experience to the next level with its new ‘Anatolian’ cuisine.

The restaurant serves tasting menu on all tables and you can also taste the wines from different parts of the world.

The a la carte menu costs 350TL and 6 glasses of wine are served with dinner of 360 TL. The tasting menu costs 480TL and the honey and cheese platter for two is for 75TL. Mikla is one of the finest restaurant and is rated as the best restaurant in the top 50 restaurants due to the food quality, taste and service. The dishes served are inspired by local flavours and ingredients. Each dish is prepared by the master chefs and the presentation of each dish is an absolute work of art.

Maiden’s Tower


A lonely romantic and mysterious tower stands in the centre of Istanbul which is 2500 years old. For a memorable and exciting dining experience you must visit the Maiden’s Tower by boat for a wonderful meal. They serve both breakfast and dinner. Boats will take you to the tower from Salacak and Kabatas.

Breakfast is served on weekdays and costs 70TL per person and on weekends it costs 95TL. The museum entrance fee is also included in that price. Dinners are served in two different menus and prices range between 215-265TL. Drink are however not included in these prices. The museum entrance ticket costs 30TL for adults and 15TL for students.


The restaurant is a bit pricey but the charges are for the ambiance that the tower gives during your experience. There is a strict dress code for dinner and kids are not allowed. You need to book in advance to reserve your table as it gets absolutely busy.

360 Istanbul


This is going to be the top place when you think of the landscaping views of Istanbul. It is situated at the top floor for the historical Misir Apartment.

360 Istanbul is famous for its delicacies along with the modern Turkish cuisine. The delicacies are known across the globe. The restaurant transforms itself into a club and music live show on weekends and evenings.

The price of the menu isn’t fixed however they’re cheaper than the other restaurants. You fill find pleasant atmosphere at 360 Istanbul at any time of the day and you will definitely have a memorable time in the historical building of Beyoglu with delicious food and drinks to enjoy and to celebrate the blend of East and West.

Asitane Restaurant


Feel like a royal sultan at the Asitane restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, where there are authentic eateries created by the great food experts who actually studied the sultan feasts. Some dishes are from the book called A Feast Book, some from the documents in the libraries of Millet and Beyazit while some are the culinary records of the palace kitchen. The restaurant is absolutely authentic and royal and you get to eat what the sultans used to eat.

The prices of the menu vary every seasons but usually the salads, meals and desserts cost between 30-50TL per person. There is no doubt about the quality of the food as the name and history says pretty much everything. The taste and quality of the dishes served to the guests in the palaces of Ottoman Empire brought authentic recipes in today’s era. The interior of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful and the food is mouthwatering.

Lacivert Restaurant


With a unique view of Bosphorus, Lacivert dining at Lacivert Restaurant will give you an entirely unique experience. The combination of Mediterranean cuisine produced with organic ingredients gives you a splendid meal of the Anatolian region. The price of meal with alcoholic drinks usually cost around 450TL. It is advised that you book a table in advance. Moreover the restaurant also organises private boat tours for business and other private dinners. You can arrange a romantic meal with your family and friends in a luxurious setting and celebrate together at the sea.

Doctor Steakhouse


This is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul for steak lovers in Etiler. The owner is Doctor Inanc who isn’t a doctor by profession but is known by people who love eating meat in Istanbul. He is called Doctor because of the way he cuts meat like a surgeon. The meal is served along with the sushi, Turkish delight, neck and cage with signature Dr Steakhouse’s taste. The price of the steaks vary. The starters cost between 40-95TL and the main meals are between 85-240TL. The average price of meal is between 75-125TL. This place is specifically for meat lovers only- it has no scenic views or live music. It is basically carnivores’ den.




The dishes served at the restaurant are full of authentic and ancient ingredients of Mesopotamia enriched in the flavours of Caucasus.

The dishes are infused with Asian spices to give you the taste of the Arabian Peninsula which results in unique and creative dishes with amazing taste. They also serve local dishes as well. Ciya menu costs around 29-150TL and the quality of the food is beyond delicious. The restaurant is awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2015, 2017 and 2019 as the chefs strive in perfection. This restaurant is visited by locals and tourists not just for its ambiance and views but for the enriched flavor foods.




A Turkish steakhouse which is a blend of both amazing food and fun! is one of the best restaurant in our best restaurants in Istanbul. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable and you will enjoy eating the delicious steaks in the heart of Istanbul. The starters for two-person cost 70TL  and the prices of the main courses begin from 160TL. If you’re buying an alcoholic drink with the food then it will cost you an average 700TL. Almost everyone is Istanbul knows about Nusr-Et as it comes in the top ten restaurants in Istanbul. The people who come to eat at this restaurant don’t only come for the meat but also to meet Nusret, the owner himself to know more about his success story and to chat with him.