9 destinations to beat the heat

9 destinations to beat the heat

Are you planning to get out of your workaholic life? Whether you are planning to take a short break or planning for a long trip, and summer is already here so why not plan to go on vacation and enjoy the sea and sun? We have some amazing Summer destinations for your summer trip, in this article we are recommending you 9 location that we pick for you.

1. Tenerife

Beautiful beaches, greenery, and where you have shopping opportunities, yes Tenerife is a perfect Summer destination and almost have everything that you plan to do on vacations. We recommend to two sides of Tenerife, Visit El Medano located in the south, where you will experience beautiful beaches in the world. And if you want to experience luxury resorts so you should plan to get to Tenerife North, Puerto de la Cruz also you can rent your own luxury Yacht enjoy wine, watch whales and dolphins and explore surroundings bays of  Puerto de la Cruz.

2. Algarve, Portugal

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If you are planning an adventures trip so plan a trip to Portugal southern region Algarve. It’s known not just for its weather but also for perfect fishing town, here you will also experience amazing rock formations and incredible caves, Trip to Cave of Benagil and Lagos Elefante is a worth the trip. After exploring both worlds above and below the sea, now relax on beach watch sunset and have fresh seafood with wine.


3. Victoria Falls

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If you want to experience inland aquatic Victoria Falls in western Zimbabwe is the place where you can find accommodation near Zambezi River, which flows right over the sheer cliff, and forming a huge waterfall and goes through the series of beautiful valleys. Here you will find a Devil’s Pool, a natural infinitude pool so jump and swim in it take pictures that will make you a star of your Instagram feed, here you can plan to stay for few days or plan just for a day trip.

4. Capri city

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Capri, City of Crystal-clear water, history, and amazing food and wine, travel to Capri, where you will explore this amazing scenic region, where you will explore amazing places like Villa San Michele, Monte Solaro mountain highest point of Capri and Blue Grotto cave, we also suggest you to hire a private Yacht and explore the incredible coastlines from the deck of Yacht.

5. Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is perfect in summer destinations list for those who want to take a break from a hectic schedule, relax and experience life on an island. Bora Bora is South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is popular all over the world as a perfect honeymoon destination, so if you’re planning a family trip, or solo, Bora Bora is an ideal place to relax and enjoy, Stay right on top of the water in a luxury resort and spend your vacation to explore the island on quad bikes, snorkeling or enjoy Jet Ski ride.

6. Miami

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If you want to plan a trip with full of fun, party, and beach sports, so we recommend your trip to Miami perfect Summer destinations, Pastel buildings and energetic nightlife, Miami tour is incomplete without exploring historical places like Vizcaya Estate a historic 50-acre place, next thing you can do is sun lounging on Miami beaches, Virginia South Beach, Haulover Beach and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Miami is also popular for its active energetic nightlife, and if you are planning to do clubbing so it’s one of the best places in the world for clubs.


7. Rhodes

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Rhodes is a Greece’s Dodecanese Island, it a combination of scenic sunset, beach resorts, and ancient ruins, here you can explore stunning historical places like The Acropolis, In Rhodes city, you will experience its old towns highlighting you the ancient time streets of Knight and the grandmasters’ castle-like palace, which taken by the Ottomans and then held by the Italians, now this palace is converted into a historical museum where you can learn about the history. After experiencing the history and Old Streets, you can take a trip from Rhodes to Symi where you will see colorful mansion houses, it has a grand past in it, after the experience of all the ancients and history, now it’s time to visit its beautiful beach, here you can enjoy beach games, paddleboard, and here you can also learn surfing.

8. Dubai

Dubai has everything for everyone, Amazing skyscrapers, enormous malls, desert, delicious food, and yes its beaches, Dubai is also a classic beach holiday, you can visit one of its beaches here you will find beach clubs and restaurants, explore city walk, take a short boat trip, or you can also enjoy sandboarding in sand dunes. 

9. Tulum

If you want to relax and less crowded summer destinations, Plan a trip to Tulum, Mexico in the last days of summer. Here in Tulum, you will experience a bit different things, you can explore Mayan ruins, you can go for snorkeling in limestone sinkhole, and chill out relax on its Palm-fringed beaches. This trip will be an exciting and relaxing vacation by the sea.