9 European Festivals To Attend In Fall Season

9 European Festivals To Attend In Fall Season

Spend your next vacations in Europe so you can attend some of the best and crazy festivals in the fall season. Plan your holidays accordingly so you can attend the craziest and epic European festivals that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives!

Europe knows how to party hard  and how to slay it! Here are some top European festivals that you must definitely check during fall season.

La Mercè Festival, Barcelona


At the end of September, Barcelona holds the biggest street party which lasts for 5 days. This is the time when they bid farewell to the summer and welcome the month of autumn.

The festival is all about food, music, dances, acrobats, projection shows, human towers, fireworks, live bands, crazy costumes, dragons and much more!

It is advised that you leave your car and start walking because the streets are flooded with people and hundreds of activities will be happening at the festival.


Nuit Blanche, Paris


Nuit Blanche or White Night is a festival that goes all night and has night time art festivals. The festival of arts and culture stretches from 7pm to 7am on the first Saturday of every October in Paris.

Nuit Blanche has public and private art galleries and museums with different cultural institutions which are free of charge. The center of the city is turned into a de facto art gallery with  art installations, performances, music, dance, themed social gatherings and much more.

The event has become unmissable event of autumn with more than 80,000 viewers who bring amazing talent from across the world.

Locarno Festival, Switzerland


Interested in film festivals? Head towards Locarno Film Festival in Lacorna, Switzerland. The Swiss city charms with all the razzle and dazzle from August 4th to 17th. It is an annual film festival which is one of the longest running film festivals. The city’s main square Piazza Grande is the main highlight of the festival which turns into an open air cinema for 8,000 people. The festival includes competitions and non competitive activities including short films, documentaries, narratives and retrospective programs.

Make sure you grab the tickets beforehand because they all are sold out in no time.

The International Alba White Truffle Fair, Italy


Italy is the hub of some exquisite and delicious foods across the globe. It has the yummiest truffles and delicious delights. To enjoy these scrumptious truffles head towards Alba which is a town in middle of Piedmont. The International Alba White Truffle Fair goes on between October 4th until November 24th. You will find the best  truffles with local products such as olive oil, wine and hazelnuts.


Craft Beer Festival, London


Want to drink all you can? Held from August 9 till 11, Craft Beer Festival is celebrated in Tobacco Dock, London, UK. You get to celebrate the best of modern beer in the Craft Beer Festival.

It is a weekend which you can enjoy and focus upon getting wasted on different breweries from across the world. This is why you need three days to check and experience the unique 300 beers sample.

There is plenty of food to try as well- all sorts of street food and restaurant food are available. Non stop music is also a part of this festival where you can enjoy great food and beer in a perfect atmosphere.

International Rome Film Festival, Italy

Indulge in the glitz and glamour of Rome from October 17-27 and join the festival with the world biggest movie stars. Also known as Festa del Cinema di Roma, you can witness the presence of world-famous artist with huge media coverage.

 The main purpose of this festival is to present the best contemporary movies from across the globe and give them a chance to be heard along with the emphasis on proposals coming from film industries.

Bienal de Flamenco, Seville

A traditional festival since 1980s celebrated in Seville, Spain to show the world the importance of Flamenco. It is celebrated in different theatres across the city featuring vocalists, dances and guitarists from Spain who display the wide range of flamenco in different ways.

This show contains the most spectacular and extraordinary flamenco performances in different styles for more than three weeks. It begins on 6th September and goes on until 30th September.

This is the perfect opportunity for you all to discover the magic of the place in the magnificent form of Flamenco. The fusion of dances and singing with guitar gives purity in the special part of the city. Make sure to enjoy a selection of tasty tapas during the festival which is best in all EUROPEAN FESTIVALS.

Chestnut Festivals, Tuscany

Italians are incomplete without nuts! Tuscany is the epicenter of everything nutty.  So hop around the village festivals and drive through the rolling hills with stunning views of cities like Florence and Sieng. You will find dedicated chestnut festivals across the region and you can enjoy them as you go! In case you go thirsty with all those chestnuts, you can always stop by at different vineyards on your way and have a glass of wine with beautiful views.

Vernier Festival, Switzerland

VERNIER in EUROPEAN FESTIVALS, you cannot forget to visit the small town outside Geneva when you go to Switzerland. The small town, Vernier must not be underestimated because it brings thousands of music fans during October and enjoy songs of different genres. The music is divided into three different styles: Rock, Rap, and Reggae. The town is an entirely different place as you explore it in the evening. This could be the best autumn music festival that you don’t want to miss at any cost!