A Day Trip to Komodo Island, Padar, and Pink Beach

A Day Trip to Komodo Island, Padar, and Pink Beach

Are you a beach lover? Or do you love nature in its preserved form? Indonesia has such unspoiled natural treasure, which is Komodo National Park. While you can enjoy wild nights in Bali, if you see peace and nature, this small group of quiet and calm islands (Komodo Island, Padar, and Pink Beach) will give you the experience of lush hiking parks, white-sand beaches, hiking parks, diving, and snorkeling.

Komodo National Park has so much to offer so it is worth the trip from Bali! It is just ninety minutes from Denpasar.

They are many companies which allow you a day trip to Labuan Bajo. You can enjoy with the dragons on Komodo Island, hike the hills of Padar, sunbath at pink beach, and you can also do snorkeling at Manta point. You should find that service that offers customized package day tours, so you can choose according to your flexibility and preference.

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Tips to Book Your Day Trip

There are countless tour companies that offer day tours to Padar, Komodo Island, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. The trip starts usually around 5:30 a.m. from Labuan Bajo., so your day will start will this tour meeting point. You should reach Labuan Bajo a day before your day trip.

Almost seven flights per day are available for Labuan Bajo so you can book any flight that matches your schedule. It is one of the biggest cities in Flore, so you can easily find a place to stay and do shopping. We also recommend you to visit the villages and meet local Manggarai people to peek into their culture. They are famous for their outclass weaving, so if you are looking for a textile with a unique embroidery you will find it.

1st Point: Padar

Don’t forget to bring your hiking shoes! The view from the top of Padar Island is the most beautiful sight you can have in Indonesia. Hike to the top to experience the striking beauty of Komodo National Park.

Don’t forget the sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. It is a hot and sunny adventure and a life-time experience. The hiking can be a bit difficult but it is worth it.

2nd Point: Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the official UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Man and the Biosphere Program Reserve. If you want to connect with nature, Komodo Island is the best place. With a population of 2,000 people and notable 2,500 Komodo dragons, this place is well preserved in its true form. The local lizards sometimes might be difficult to find so keep your camera ready to take a selfie with the Komodo dragons.

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3rd Point: Pink Beach

The world-famous Pink Beach is worth visiting if you visit the Komodo National Park. It has soft and pink sand, with crystal clear water. You can dive in the most amazing spots; it is a must-visit place. You will have enough time to eat lunch, hike up the nearby hills to have a more clear view of the beach. You can dive and snorkel to enjoy this beach.

The sand of the pink beach has not been the same pink as it was in past days. Please don’t take the sand, not only the sand will be thrown by airport security, you will ruin the true beauty of this beautiful place by contributing in reducing the pinkness of the beach by taking a part of it. Future visitors will have a less pink beach.

4th Point: Manta Point

If you want to do diving and snorkeling in Indonesia, one of the best points are areas like Manta Point, as they offer a truly magical experience. However, it depends on your preference whether you want to do snorkeling or diving. While sometimes you are not lucky enough to see Mantas but you can still see the beautiful sea life and the amazing coral.