Bali trip: 10 tips for your first trip to Bali

Bali trip: 10 tips for your first trip to Bali

Bali is one of the most romantic and popular destinations in the world. It’s an amazing destination that offers something for every traveler. Bali offers many activities to suit every soul. Amazing beaches, white sand, amazing hospitable people, majestic peaks, snorkeling, delicious food, yoga, amazing nightlife, and with hubs of cute cafes there is so much to experience on this amazing island. If you are planning for a relaxing trip, a romantic gateway with your partner, or for a honeymoon, Bali trip is your answer.

If you are traveling to this Paradise Island first time, then we recommend these things that will help your Bali trip go smoothly.

Here are 10 tips for your first Bali Trip

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Rent a Scooter

If you know how to ride a motorbike, so rent a scooter and roam around in Bali, Renting a scooter is very cheap in Bali and it also saves time in traffic especially in the peak season (July/August). If you don’t feel comfortable driving a Scooter then you can use an app GO-JEK, this app is like an Uber service just sit on the back and enjoy the ride.

Taxis in Bali are the most expensive form of transport whether you are traveling from Denpasar Airport to Kuta area or exploring Bali top sights. We recommend you to use a Blue Bird app for cheap rides.

Cash is King in Bali

Before starting your Bali trip remember one thing Cash is important in Bali. So carry cash around 10,000 to 100,000 which is around ($0.75 to 7.50 USD) for your daily expenses and wrangling. Only more Western, restaurants, shops, and the up-market will accept credit cards for payment. But if you are shopping and eating in the local market then you will need to pay in cash.

You will find lots of ATMs in Bali but always check to see if the Bank ATM you are using accepts foreign bank cards.

Explore Beyond Ubud

Like we said before Bali offers something for everyone so if you are planning a relaxing Bali trip and are not a fan of too much crowd you can easily head towards the north of Bali where you will find less crowd and get to explore lots of beautiful waterfalls and remote temples. Bali is not just about Seminyak and Ubud. Some of the lesser locations of Bali are Suluban Branch Cave, , Aling Aling waterfall, and the Atiluwih rice terraces.

Stick to Your Budget

You can say that Bali is an easy and budget-friendly destination but still, you have to keep an eye on your trip budget because it is possible that you will spend more than your planned budget at the beach, clubs, and restaurants.

Monkey Forest in Ubud

Ubud is popular for its Monkey forest, it’s a home to hundreds of Monkeys so be careful when you enter in the Monkey forest because here you will find lots of aggressive monkeys. We suggest you zero eye contact with them especially when you don’t have any food to offer them.

If you want to take pictures with them you have to find a friendly monkey at the entrance and also offer some REAL FOOD then only you can take a picture. After the photo session with monkeys you can go further into the forest to explore the beautiful temple area.

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Accommodation in Bali

If you are traveling alone, then you will find lots of great hostel options in Bali, it’s an excellent choice for backpackers. If you are not the kind of person to share a room with other travelers so you can book a private room there are also lots of budget friendly hotels available.

If you want to stay in private villas in Bali, we recommend you to use Airbnb, you can find good deals there you can get an entire villa for as little as 350,000 IDR ($25 USD) per night. If you are confused and not sure which accommodation is best for you, you can contact us for accommodation booking.

Day Trips From Bali

If you want to explore more popular areas of Bali, we recommend you to add Nusa Penida and Gili Islands. Nusa Penida is located in south-east of Bali, it is not a fully developed Island, here you will find less trendy beach clubs and restaurants but it’s a perfect place for those who want to explore natural beauty.

Gili Islands is also another amazing option, it is a perfect romantic getaway for those who want to spend more than a day away from the crowd and spend a magical time with their partner. Gili Islands is a group of three islands, Gili Air and Gili Meno which are perfect for relaxing and for honeymooners. Gili Trawangan is for those travelers who want some fun and want to explore the underwater world, it’s a perfect destination for Scuba divers. Also here you can enjoy amazing swings and Hammocks which are hanging over the ocean.

Eat at the Local Restaurants

Other than amazing and breathtaking sights, Bali is also popular for its food, restaurants and cafes. So this is for traveling foodies. Bali offers delicious traditional dishes like noodle soups, martabak pancakes, satays, mie goreng (noodles) and nasi goreng (fried rice).

If you want to try authentic Balinese food head towards local restaurants which are called warungs, for just $2 USD you can get a plate of rice, chicken and veggies. Make a proportion in your budget to eat in little cafes that are famous for their delicious and healthy food, you will find lots of cafes options because Bali is full of beautiful cafes.

Budget For a Spa Day

After a day full of activities, aromatherapy massage is a must. Spa services in Bali are really affordable as little as 80,000 IDR ($6 USD)! You can get an hour of relaxing massage and because of the low price you can easily manage your budget for a massage every single day. Also you can spoil yourself by trying spa at one of the numerous luxury hotels.

Hire a Driver Instead of Booking a Tour

People usually search for tour companies to book tours online so instead of booking tours separately we recommend you hire a car with a local driver. This option is perfect and if you are traveling with a group of friends you can split the amount. You can hire a driver for less than 300,000 IDR ($23 USD) for the day and visit the main sites of Bali. Remember they will be a charge for the itinerary so you can choose how long you want to stay at each spot.