Best resorts in Bali for Couples

Best resorts in Bali for Couples

Bali is one of the most mesmerizing destinations, it’s a place where you would want to visit again and again. If you are planning to relax your mind and run away from all fuss, crowd, and city life, Bali is the place for you. Bali have so much to offer like beautiful sandy beaches, amazing hospitable people, Yoga, surfing, snorkeling, majestic peaks, organic food and stay in the best resorts in Bali, Ubud. Yes, you can say that it’s a perfect romantic destination for couples and honeymooners, where you and your partner can connect more and have your personal time.

If you are worried and confused about taking the right region on how to spend a perfect vacation in Bali, we believe that choosing the best resort in Bali is more challenging.

So relax now and start planning other things because we have solved your problem. Here we put together a list of four best resorts in Bali which are perfect for couples, so if you are tired of checking different online booking sites, you don’t need to search more. Read this article till the end and choose one from the best resorts in Bali for honeymoon or for a romantic vacation. Below the list of best resorts In Bali for couples.

Four Seasons Jimbaran:

Four Seasons Jimbaran is one of the best resorts in Bali and also a luxury resort. The property structure is so amazing, especially the panoramic view of Jimbaran Bay is one of the best things you will experience in this resort.

Here you will feel the magic of Bali and also Jimbaran Bay, the Staff of the hotel is so amazing, kind and hospitable, for sure you will hardly experience this ever.

There are a number of villas option available in this resort depend on the number of persons all villas have a beautiful and breathtaking view and villas are sat about 100 meters from the ocean.

This villa offers a private pool, sounds great right? Also, it offers an outdoor shower. Four seasons Jimbaran offers almost every amenity one could wish for. If you want to swim in a bigger pool other than your private pool, so you head towards one of the two largest resort pools.

If you want to swim with your partner and want to experience a romantic environment so choose the quiet pool, here you experience breathtaking views of Jimbaran Bay. For beach and restaurant experience head to Sundara pool which is the longest pool in all over Bali, where kids are allowed too.

This resort welcomes those who are not guest of the hotel, so you can rent a bed for a day. Enjoy amazing cocktails and Sundara own signature drinks which are an impeccable mix of top alcohol and also you can have best fruits of Bali.

If you and your partner want to do surfing, the hotel’s front beach is a perfect spot for that, during your stay you can also book tropic surf for surfing, stand up paddle.  Four Seasons Jimbaran offers a number of dining options but we recommend you to must try Sundara which is popular for its amazing Asian cuisine and here you will experience the most unique dining your stay in Bali.

Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud

Four Seasons Sayan is just outside of Ubud, if you choose this resort you will feel like you are separated from the real world and experience the magic of this resort. Here you will see the gorgeous lotus pond, every area of this resort constructed in that way that gives you the feel of Jungle of Sayan. Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud adopt the local traditional Ubud culture and history, you will observe richly thorough the architecture, food, staff and the feel of the resort.

Four Seasons Sayan offers most amazing and magical romantic dinner on a lotus pond, we are confident that you never have that romantic and magical dinner before, so if you are planning a romantic dinner with your partner, ask the resort they set a private table for you and decorate the whole area with glowing candles, flowers and rose petals around your table and this will be an unforgettable dining experience.


This resort also offers open-air yoga studio which is made of bamboo and located in the center of rice fields, that is a passageway to the Ayung River that streams behind the resort. So those of you want experience-rich Balinese culture head to the studio and do yoga clear your mind and enjoy the peaceful environment.

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There are lots of facilities offered by this resort-like if you want to swim in the pool, so just travel towards the river and you will the most unique and beautiful pool you have ever seen. You can visit their spa facility which is located in the center of a lotus pond and it’s like an Island, the environment of the spa is so peaceful and serene is waaooo. You should plan a massage with your partner when you visit there.

Like in Four Season Jimbaran Villas, you can also have your private pool, outdoor shower, large backyard, couch, minibar and whatnot. If you are concerned about privacy don’t worry that because villas are completely private and so romantic literally you can Rome around naked inside and outside and nobody can see you.


Kamandalu resort is a place where you experience the nature aspects of Ubud, rice fields and stream running through the property. This resorts offer two pools both are in the middle of the resort, with the pool you can enjoy a cocktail drink at the bar, you can relax on lounge chairs which are placed in ankle-deep water. If you want to feel that you are in the center of Ubud jungle then go to the lower pool of the resort which is a beautiful infinity pool and also it is private enough so you can enjoy the peaceful swimming here.


If you are planning a wedding in Ubud, Kamandalu is highly recommended for the wedding function, because of the resort location, it’s the magical and gorgeous environment and the feel of Ubud jungle and also you can through an after the wedding in the infinity pool.

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Resort villa has a backyard where you find a large bed. No literally a very huge XXL king-size bed facing Jungle of Ubud, lay down with your partner see beautiful sky and Jungle, and in the night you guys can watch the sky full of stars, relax and talks.

Villas bathrooms have an in-floor bathtub, two separate sinks, an outdoor shower; the staff is also amazing and corporative. You can select this one for your future romantic trip to Bali and experience the amazing property and it’s all amenities this resort is also one the best resorts in Bali. 

Intercontinental Resort Bali, Jimbaran

When mostly people plan a trip they follow the trend, we recommend you to must add Jimbaran and Ubud in your trip, and if you are not sure which resort is best for you and if you are traveling with kids so we suggest to stay in Intercontinental Resort Bali which is one the best resorts in Bali for families, this resort is in middle of Jimbaran Bay, also you will find here two local seafood restaurants on the beach where you can have amazing seafood with an amazing view.

This resort is best for couples and those couples who are traveling with kids, the resort have several restaurants, number of bars, one bar is at main pool where you can swim and have your drinks, also there is a high tea room where children are not allowed. This resort offers many escapes for couples who want to spend some time alone without children. There is a Water Park, playground and also surf school which is nearby this resort and perfect for couples with children.

Intercontinental Resort offers a number of hammocks around the property, and each Hammocks hanging between palm trees where you can relax and enjoy the environment.

if you private pool, larger suite, complimentary breakfast, 24-hour butler service and many amenities that are not accessible to other guests, and a number of locations around the property. So you can stay in Club Intercontinental where you have all these.

If you are planning a trip to Bali so we are sure that it would be an amazing trip, because the Balinese culture is amazing, people are friendly, humble and hospitable. It’s totally up to you where you want to stay in Bali but if you want something next so we recommend you try one of these four best resorts in Bali and we are sure that the Bali trip will be memorable and all it will be on your expectations.

If you have any queries regarding Bali, we love to help you and do our best to respond you ASAP.