Coconut Garden Beach Resort Flores

Coconut Garden Beach Resort Flores

Do you want to go back in time? And do you want to see the heaven of the earth? You should explore the Island of Flores, one of the undiscovered Jewel of Indonesia where nature is smiling and time is stood still. If you want to get an escape from commercial landscapes and want to spend your time in nature’s heaven, Flores is the right place, and staying at Coconut Garden Beach Resort makes your trip more amazing.

You can spend your time around the best and perfect beaches in the world. You can explore the colorful and incredible underwater world. You will forget about everything else in your life and in this world. If you are a beach lover and you are craving for peace and silence, this place will help you reconnect with nature and unwind the hidden pieces of the paradise puzzle.

Tourists are understanding and shifting towards the concept of ecotourism and try to visit those places which preserve mother nature in its perfect and natural form. With 9.1 ratings at, this place is among the highest-rated eco-resorts that will give you a lifetime experience.

We would give you an honest and detailed review of Coconut Garden Beach Resort Flores Indonesia where you can stay to explore the Island of Flores.

 The Location

This is an eco-resort located just outside of Maumere on the west coast of Flores, Coconut Garden Beach Resort Flores is the only island that is protected in the region, and it is dedicated to serving ecotourism by staying green. This resort will make you feel that you are miles away from the busy world.

It is built on acres of lush beachfront land and consists of eight private bungalows. Due to the huge place and less crowd you can always find a hidden or quiet spot to spend time alone or with your partner. It has an amazing restaurant, fitness center, top-class bar, and a private beach. It is definitely a hot favorite place in Flores.

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Coconut Garden Beach Resort


The Coconut Garden Beach Resort’s Flores Indonesia consists of bamboo bungalows that are located on a private beach. They offer free Wi-Fi, sun loungers, a BBQ area, and hammocks. These bungalows will look like a place you have seen on a tropical postcard.

This is a dreamy place for couples who want to spend intimate time together far from the noise of the world. If you are going on a honeymoon and want to spend time solely with each other, we suggest this place is the best place for you. But you don’t need to be a couple to enjoy this place as it is amazing.

The Sunset bungalow at the resort is recommended Paradise. You can have beachfront massages under the light of stars. You can unwind things and have adventures all over the Island of Flores.

Food and Drink

The restaurant at this place serves amazingly fresh food and is you start your day with their breakfast you would love your stay over there even more.

It also has home-made organic food, and they will serve you the best Indonesian grub that you might not find anywhere else. You can enjoy under the coconut trees and the sea a few feet away at Coconut Garden Beach Resort, Flores.

They have a beachfront café bar where you can enjoy cocktails, traditional Indonesian Beer, fruit juices, and much more.

Coconut Garden Beach Resort


The island of Flores is surrounded by a blooming coral reef amazing landscape. You can enjoy plenty of activities while you are at the resort, for example, you can go kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, horse riding, or stand-up paddleboarding.

You can enjoy the deserted islands with white sandy beaches, you can go snorkeling in the water-filled with turquoise, you can enjoy coral reef fish, mantas, and turtles underwater as well.

You can also hike active volcano Kelimutu Crater Lakes. The 3 lakes that change their color to aqua, ruby red, and emerald are one of the most remarkable miracles of nature. It is a magical place and gives you a sight that you have never seen before. It is a must-see for tourists who are going to Indonesia.

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You can also go to the amazing Komodo National Park. You can book a day tour to have a look around the Pink Beach, Padar Island, Komodo Island, and Manta Point.

You can also visit the spider-shaped rice fields that look amazing. A day tour at the rice fields might sound dumb but it is worth a try. You can also visit the blue-stone beach. This beach is not made of sands, instead, consists of blue and green beautiful pebbles, this is a picture-perfect place to visit if you are staying at Coconut Garden Beach Resort.

Another thing that eco-tourists love to do when they visit Flores is to roam around the village on a bike either alone or with your partner. The locals are very welcoming and extremely humble. You can see the unique traditions of the Florinese people and can know about their customs as well. Getting to know the life of their local people will make your trip more adventurous so don’t forget to include it in your list.

Happy Travelling!