Explore South Lombok in Indonesia

Explore South Lombok in Indonesia

South Lombok is a small island located off the east coast of Bali, Indonesia. Lombok Island offers amazing panoramic views of the bay, white sand, and crystal clear water that will leave you speechless. This small island is also known for its diving sites and surfing.

This Island became more accessible when the airport of this Island opened in 2011. The main town Kuta off the southern coast of Lombok has some new hotels, restaurants, and cafes. This spot quickly became popular and is a perfect spot for your next holidays.

Here is our guide to if you are planning to explore South Lombok in Indonesia!

Where to Stay in Lombok

We recommend you to stay in Kuta but remember one thing there is a beach in Bali named Kuta so don’t get confused between these two because both are so different.

South Lombok has so many things to offer like Mediterranean food, surfing, coffee shops, and bungalows.

Here are our four property recommendation that you can choose for your stay.

Lamancha Homestay: 

This option is for those who want beach front property. Lamncha has ten rooms with colorful tiles and tapestries. Every room has a terrace with a garden view, this property offers la carte and halal breakfast.

Bombora Bungalows: 

Bombora Bungalows offers many amenities like free wifi, terrace, amazing pool and daily housekeeping. The best part of Bombora is its price which starts from $24 a night.

Surfer’s Inn:

Sufer’s Inn is also near to the beach property, Surfer’s Inn is build in the local architectural style with so many colors. This property contains 25 rooms with amenities like, restaurant, a bar and swimming pool. Room rate starts from USD $14 per night.

Doyok Homestay: 

This property offers transfers from Lombok International Airport to property and this will make your trip very easy. The rooms of Doyok homestay offers a terrace, seating area , beautiful tiles and also has marble flooring. Here you can also enjoy pancakes while sitting and enjoying the beach view.

Pipes Hostel: 

Pipes Hostel is the first hostel of Lombok and its very popular in Lombok area. Pipes hostel offers 3 different types of room 8-bed mixed dorm, a 7-bed mixed dorm and a 12-bed mixed dorm. This property is situated near amazing surfing spots, Skate Park and swimming pool also on the property.

Same Same Bungalows: 

Same Same Bungalows will give you a home like feel in Lombok. Same Same Bungalows offers free daily breakfast and amazing garden where you can spend your days. They also arrange tours and surfing lesson for you around the island.

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South Lombok

How to Get Around Lombok

The best way to roam around in Lombok is to rent a motorbike which is necessary! In Lombok you will find lots of motorbike rentals all over the island and if you choose to stay in Same Same bungalow they will offer you the same. If you are staying in some other property so you can take a bike on rent from any bike rental spots. But we recommend you to be careful and do some research before renting because some scams were reported before!

South Lombok

Where to Explore in South Lombok

If you are planning to stay and spend time on beaches so Lombok is your call. Here we recommend some that are popular.

Tanjung Aan: 

Tanjung Aan located 20 minutes east of Kuta beach is one of the amazing beaches Lombok has to offer. On Tanjung Aan you will find two bays that is made up of amzing white sand beaches. There is a view point between two bays that offers a 360-degree view of both bays and trust us this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

For foodies there are few warungs that offers yummy food and drinks. You can purchase something to eat and sit on lounge chairs under umbrellas offered by many warungs that you can use to sit on the beach and its free.

If you are in a mood to have some snacks, we recommend you to look for people who are selling mini pineapples, you must try because they are so sweet and juicy!

Kuta Beach: 

If you are looking for beach activities so Kuta beach is best for sunbathing, surfing and snorkeling. Also do you know there is a hill called Mandalika Hill that is an amazing spot to enjoy the 7.2km crystal clear coastline!! Infact the water is clear so you can see variety of underwater life. We bet its a dream come true of every adventurous soul out there to visit this place.

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Mawi Beach: 

Mawi beach is for experienced suffers because it’s a best place to do surfing in south Lombok, with strong current, sharp rocks and coral reefs. If you are a beginner level surfer so its bit hard for you because wavers are so fast. There is no public transportation available to reach Mawi beach but you can use motorbike to go there.

Selong Belanak Beach: 

You can say that Selong Belanak beach is one of the most important beach on Lombok. This beach is well-kept and so clean. Usually people come here for fishing and you will see lots of fishing boats out in the water. We recommend you if you are going for swimming so stay on the north side of the beach.

Selong Belanak is an ideal place to spend a day on a beach and relax because waves are small having crystal clear water.

If you are coming from Bali, you will find Lombok a little fun and calmer that’s why it’s a perfect place for some real relaxation.