Gili Islands: A Perfect Romantic Gateway

Gili Islands: A Perfect Romantic Gateway

If you are planning a perfect romantic vacation with your partner, and you are thinking of a relaxing, peaceful, and calm tropical beach on an Island with a mesmerizing view, crystal clear water and beautiful white sand, this article is for you.  If you are looking for a perfect romantic gateway AkA Tropical Island, then we recommend you to start planning your romantic vacation for Gili Islands, haven’t heard about that? Let us give you the complete guide on Gili Islands.

Gili Islands are a group of 3 small Islands just off the east coast of Bali, Indonesia. These three Islands offer a different experience, and it’s a perfect gateway for all types of couples out there.

Whether you are a frequent traveler and want a relaxing trip, or you are newly married and planning honeymoon vacations, or even if you want to have a family vacation, Both Gili Air and Gili Meno are perfect for relaxing, romantic and honeymoon vacations. Gili Meno is purely for Honeymooners and Gili Air offers many amazing beaches and this Island populates with the locals who will welcome you with an open heart and make you feel like you are at home.


If you are not on a romantic style gateway and want a party with your partner then we recommend you to go to Gili Trawangan, this island is popular as a party destination. You can have fun all day and still have fun and relaxing time in the amazing vibe of Gili Trawangan. On this island, there are lots of amazing swings and Hammocks which are hanging over the ocean.

It depends on you to choose 2 of them or experience the beauty of all 3 of them, but for sure there are a lot of reasons to plan romantic or honeymoon vacation on Gili Islands.

Gili Islands
Aerial view on the palm forest. Landscape from a drone. Forest from air as a background.

These pictures surely intimate you to plan a trip for Gili Islands, because this destination is one of the most romantic and beautiful among other romantic destinations. Crystal clear water which is warm as a bath and white sand beaches surely amaze you. Beautiful trees and greenery covered the center of islands all the way up to the beach, and provide you with a private feel.

Some Unique things you should know if you ought to visit Gili Islands

Gili Islands

No Cars:

Yes you will not find any car or zero concern to rent a car for transfers on these Islands, and that makes these Islands more relaxing and peaceful, also take you away from traffic noise and hustle and bustle city life.  The only faster mode of transportation is horse carriage that will charge about $7 to take you around the Island.

Gili Islands
The people are snorkeling near the famous place on Gili Meno Island, Indonesia. Aerial view. Underwater tourism in the ocean. Gili Meno Island, Indonesia. Travel – image


If you are planning to experience snorkeling with your partner, Gili Meno and Gili Air are perfect for incredible snorkeling, if you want to swim with Turtle Mecca and lots of gorgeous fishes then Gili Meno is the place where you can experience mesmerizing sea life.


In most parts of Indonesia, you will find amazing, friendly, hospitable, and humble people. Even in Bali, when you visit Gili Islands you will feel like you are staying with your family. We recommend you to stay one night on each island and mix up, talk and spend time with the locals and hotel staff when you are leaving they will ask to stay more. You will always want to stay more not just because of the beauty but also the beautiful souls of the Gili Islands.

Budget-friendly trip:

Gili Islands are very exclusive and most people don’t know about it but just a few hundred locals and tourists know about the place. On these islands, private beaches are not that hard to find and you will feel like you and your partner escape to paradise.

Yes, you can say that it’s a budget-friendly trip because you can book a 4-star hotel in $80-90 per night and trust us it is worth it, also drinks, food and other activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are all very cheap as well.

Do you plan to visit Gili Islands with your partner after reading our article? Let us know in comments!