Hotel Tugu Bali – Review and Details

Hotel Tugu Bali – Review and Details

If you want to travel back to a time, we have a surprise for you! Hotel Tugu Bali is one of the best places with modern architecture inspired by old-fashioned days. While traveling you will see the amazing places, we assure you that Hotel Tugu Bali will leave a mark and you will never forget this place.

You’ll fuel up your romantic vibes with Indonesian architecture, while you will have to stay in this amazingly beautiful place. In this article, we will give our honest review on the eccentric and exotic place.

The Hotel

Hotel Tugu Bali was built with a passion for love. The place is part of a small, privately owned, and beautiful collection of luxury art hotels and restaurants. The proprietor’s astonishing collection of Indonesian art and antiques is one of the biggest attractions of this place. Balinese architecture and design are incredible. It will not only be the treat for antique and interior design lovers but everyone would love the collection of pieces of stunning art. The place will bring back the lost romance.

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The rooms in Tugu Bali are unique. The huge Puri Le Mayeur Villa is set near Walter Spies Pavilion, which will bring back the Java’s art deco era from the early twentieth century.

Every room is decorated with unique artwork. The Rejang and Dedari suites feature oversized beds, private pools, sunken baths, and in-room spas. The amazing part is that every room has its private garden and has incredible views of rice paddy fields and sunsets! You will love a complimentary welcome massage and daily fresh fruits and flowers.

The Food

The hotels at Tugu Bali has incredible restaurant and dining experiences. You can enjoy a new atmosphere and cuisine, every time you go out to dine. The dining experience will transport back you in time. You will feel out of this time and world. It is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Indonesia. It is located inside the 300-year-old Bale Sutra temple that will serve you top-class food with an amazing view of nature.

A must-try place is situated at their rooftop at Ji, Japanese Fusion & Sake Bar. It is highly recommended to enjoy this place especially in the happy hour, you will get the Coco Sexo cocktail- it is not only delicious but it comes out smoking and bubbling like a magical brew!

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The Spa

The Spa at Hotel Tugu is ranked among the best spas in the world. The place doesn’t have a standard spa experience, you will forget about everything else while enjoying unique therapies for your mind and body. You can also go for spiritual therapy, dance-based treatments, and exotic herbal oil treatments. Enjoy yoga in this tropical paradise. Yoga will help you relax and amazing.

Don’t leave the hotel without the heavenly hot stone massages with spice-soaked volcanic stones at Hotel Tugu Bali. It is one of the relaxing and easiest treatments you can have.

Leisure Activities

Hotel Tugu Bali is an amazing package to learn surfing as well. The hotel is situated on Canggu Beach (a popular beach for surfing with lots of super cute boutiques and cafes. This hotel is best to watch the sunset and do (or learn) surfing.