How to Travel From Amsterdam to Brussels?

How to Travel From Amsterdam to Brussels?

You can travel from Amsterdam to Brussels by Plane, Group transfers, Train, or by Taxi. The Duration of flight is 1h 5min and it will cost you least €151.50. A-Train will take 2h 1min and the ticket price is between €86.20. There is also a group shuttle available that will take you to Brussels in 3h 10min which will cost around €20, 10. If you are planning to go in a car, it will take 3h 10min and the cost starts from €257. The distance between both destinations is 213 Km.

Brussels a city with Royal Soul.

Brussels is the main tourist attraction and is definitely a worth visiting place. It is among the liveliest and amazing cities in the world. The biggest attraction of Brussels is its location. It makes many other places easily accessible. You can travel to the UK by train in about 2 hours. Brussels to Paris is just 1-hour drive while Brussels to Cologne and Amsterdam drive comprises 2 hours.

Brussels is famous for its historic and well-preserved architectural sites.  It is suggested to discover Brussels from the biggest city square – Grand-Place. You will see the mesmerizing Town Hall Hôtel de Ville which is a 96-meter tall tower with a 5-metre-high gilded metal sculpture of the archangel “Michael atop the spire”.It was built in the 15th century.

Right in front of the Grand-Place, there is a historical museum named the “King’s House”. When you have seen the above-recommended places, we suggest you visit Manneken Pis known as Brussels’ symbol in the old town. The old town is mostly covered by the Royal Palace which was the house of Belgian monarchs. Another vital place to visit in the old town is Saint Michael’s cathedral. It is a gothic construction of wooden engraved murals and splendid stained glass windows. It was built around the 13th century.

Brussels is one of the most popular cities in Europe among tourists. We strongly advise you to go for advance bookings for public transports. Plan your day before going there and book the tickets, this will save you time, cost and stress. Remember that Zaventem, Brussels Airport is 12 km away from the city. You can cover this distance by taxi or any public transport. In Brussels, no public transport runs at night but you can book private transfers at any time of the day.

Amsterdam to Brussels FLIGHT


If you are planning to go by Plane, KLM cityhopper operates daily 5 flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Brussels Airport Zaventem. Flight duration is 45 minutes, ticket cost is minimum €143. When you reach Brussels you will take the train from Brussels Airport Zaventem which will take you to the city in 20 minutes, train to Brussels will cost you €8.50. Flight operating hour is from 06:50 till 21:25. Your whole trip time will be 1h 5min (45min — flight, 20min— to get to Brussels by train), waiting time is 3hrs, this travel option is for those who are not traveling with kids, who value comfort, young couples and for those who are in a hurry.

Amsterdam to Brussels TRAIN


The second option Express train Thalys to Brussels, this train departs from Central train station Amsterdam Centraal to Brussels train station Midi after every hour. Express train Thalys operation hour is from 06:17 till 20:17. Train ticket price is divided in two classes, 1st class (free drinks and snacks, Internet, latest newspapers and magazines.) it will cost you €114 and 2nd class (sockets, bar) It will cost you €82, total Travel time is 2h 11min (2min— train to the central station Amsterdam Centraal, 1h 51min — train to Brussels) and 1 hour waiting time. You can buy tickets from the office at the station or book online.

This option is better for those travelers who are without children, businessmen, without large luggage, young couple, and for those who have a good sense of directions.

Express Train Thalys departs from Amsterdam Central train station. So you can get there by city train, the central station is called (Amsterdam Centraal) you can find the city train station under the airport arrivals area just follow the signs and you will get there.

BUS Shuttle


This Flixbus shuttle option is for those who want to save money, tourists without children and with small luggage and for solo travelers. Flixbus departs from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station (from Amsterdam Airport to Sloterdijk trip time is 25min you can get there through city train) and shuttle bus trip will take 2h 45min from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Brussels Nord Bus station, bus ticket cost depends on the day of the week and departure time it starts from €15.90. Also, there is a shuttle bus service that connects both Airports Amsterdam and Brussels, departs at 2:25 and the total journey (Trip costs €19.90) is 5 hours.

Taxi Transfer


If you are traveling with kids, elderly people and large luggage and don’t want to wait for hours, we recommend you to book private transfers online, car rides journey takes 3h 10min and it will cost you around €257 or maybe less. Car transfers are more comfortable than others without any time restrictions and the best thing is that the car will drop you at your hotel or where you want to be dropped in Brussels. If you don’t book any transfer in advance you have to search for a taxi at the airport which will take time and maybe not every driver will agree to take you to Brussels because of its 210km distance.

There is also a rent a car option available at Amsterdam Airport, they will ask you ID and Passport and embossed credit card to charge a deposit. Insurance will be included in per day rent and almost all car parks are paid. If you accidentally park your car in no parking area you will face a fine of €100. You can also book rent a car online.

These are the ways you can travel from Amsterdam to Brussels, if you have any question regarding any destination you can ask in the comment section. We would love to help you in planning your next trip. Cheers