How to Travel Bali on a Budget

How to Travel Bali on a Budget

If you are searching for a place that is budget-friendly, Bali is the right destination for you. You can enjoy your vacations without worrying about your budget. Though Bali is a very busy destination and the biggest reason for this is the beauty of this amazing country and affordability as well. We would estimate that even $50 would be enough per day if you want to enjoy comfortably around Bali. Here are some recommendations by us to let you know how to travel to Bali on a Budget.

Place to Live

There are several hostels that are available (but are more of a social scene) and are amazingly affordable. You can spend your night at private villas as well which will cost you around $25 ($350,000 IDR) per night.  You can search for a place that has a beautiful view, is the situation on a cliff, and has amazing surroundings, these things are not scarce in Bali.

Ubud Area

WW Backpackers: The ratings of this hostel are very high and the clients are very satisfied. The breakfast is very delicious and clean. It has a central location to access many sites. The best cost around $8-10 per night.

Run House B&B: The double room here costs around $13 per night. This is a hostel with air-conditioned rooms and free WiFi. It is located near the Ubud Palace and Monkey Forest.

Suka’s House B&B: Suka’s House Bed & Breakfast has an outdoor pool and they offer private rooms starting at $25 USD. In the morning, breakfast is served on the private terrace with an amazing garden view.

Canggu Area

Black Pearl Hostel It is situated in Canggu and is on a walking distance from Echo Beach. This place is very budget-friendly, has an outdoor pool,  free wifi, restaurant, garden/pool view terraces, and so on. The bed can cost up to $14 USD per night.

Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak: This is located at a 2-minute walk from Seminyak Beach. This is a budget hotel that offers contemporary, single rooms that can cost from $23 USD per night.

La Boheme Canggu: This is a very famous and well-rated place situated in Canggu. The bed can cost up to $11 per night.

Kos One Hostel: Kos One Hotel is a contemporary and beautifully designed hostel. It has a beautiful pool and they also offer buffet breakfast. The cost at this hotel starts from $13 per night.


Private transfers or taxis are the most expensive ride in Indonesia. So you can rent a bike for a day if you are traveling solo or with your partner. It will cost around $3-$5 per day. If you don’t have an international driving license or you don’t feel comfortable driving, you can use apps to call services like Uber and book a motorbike ride to save money.

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The meals are quite expensive in big hotels and even in the hostels. But the insanely delicious food will make your visit worthwhile. Some of the famous dishes in Indonesia are fried rice (nasi goreng), noodles (mie goreng), satays, noodle soups, martabak pancakes, and so on.

The food is cheap in the local markets. You can get a plate full of rice, chicken, and vegetables in around $1 to $1.5. The local small restaurants are called Warungs and they offer cheap food in Indonesia.  The food is not only cheap but tasty and fresh.

You can also find some very good and modern restaurants that are budget-friendly. You can eat quite well in $15 to $18 (per day) in affordable and good restaurants.

Spa Services

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and one of the ways to relax is going to the spa. Bali has affordable spa services which are the biggest attraction for tourists. Massage houses are present around every corner and can massage you for up to $6 per hour. We recommend you to try a spa in a luxury restaurant to enjoy the true essence of massage.


You can roam around Bali with a group or tours or a fellow tourist and split the cost. You can hire a driver and a car for $23 per day and can see iconic sites as Pura Gunung Kawi Temple and Mr. Batur. You can also enjoy parasailing for $11, so don’t miss adventures to save money.


The local artisans in Bali are amazing. The best place for shopping is the Ubud market. The key to buying things at a good price is negotiation. The shopkeeper might quote you a price 3 times more than the original price and you will have to haggle. The iconic, benchmark, loose-fitting, and vibrant pants can be brought for $4 in Indonesia.

Free Places to Visit

Plan your trip according to your budget and include those activities that do not burden on your pocket. You can enjoy the precious nature of Indonesia for free. Visit the countryside highlights open for everyone and enjoy nature’s beauty. You can visit the Ubud Palace for free as well. You can visit the beaches and enjoy the sunbath.


The term eco-tourism is getting popular, it means to visit and enjoy those places that have preserved natural habitat. You will find plenty of such places in Indonesia for example, The Ridge Walk, Petulu Village. You can also visit rice fields as the beautiful Tegalang Rice Terrace. The rice fields look amazingly beautiful due to the unique irrigation system in Indonesia.