How to Travel from Amman Airport to Petra

How to Travel from Amman Airport to Petra

Jordan is for those who love to learn about the history and also experience the old Arabic culture. Among countries in the Middle, East Jordan is one of the best countries to visit and explore world-class archaeological sites, experience amazing desert scenery and rock formations, enjoy delicious food and have a good time with its friendly people. Jordan is home to five cities of Roman Decapolis, also it has five UNESCO world heritage sites. The most popular city of Jordan is Petra, located between the red sea and the Dead Sea. The city is half man-made and half-carved into rocks, here you will see the sites that you saw in the movie Indiana Jones. 85% of its archaeological treasure isn’t discovered yet, but those are found will greatly amaze you. Monastery Al Deir is one of them after exploring the mesmerizing historical site take a break in nearby café and enjoy the view of mysterious Petra. After resting you can explore more the Djinn blocks, a huge stone block with majestical carvings, the Tomb of Aneisho which was created in 50 A.D. a mixture of Greek, Egyptian, and Nabatean architectural styles. Jordan is top adventure destination weather you are planning a relaxing trip or want to scuba diving. Here we will tell you how to get from Amman Airport to Petra.

The distance between Amman and Petra is 238 kms, in three ways you can get from Amman to Petra, You can take a bus, or minibus (public) or you can go to Petra by taxi, or pre-booked transfer. If you are planning to go by bus it will take 4 hours and it will cost you 15.60 USDs. Minibus takes 3.5 hours and cost is 7$, if you taxi it will cost you around 138$ and you will reach Petra in 3 hours.


If you are planning to go through bus keep this in mind there is only one run a day but it’s cheap. Bus has Air condition and also have toilet. Bus only stop at shopping mall, so it is comfortable but if you manage to catch it so plan you trip accordingly, minibuses also have air condition but ticket price is high and you have to pay for your luggage separately. If your arrival in Amman is much earlier or later so we recommend you to go by a taxi or book a transfer in advance. If you’re taking local taxi so make sure that discuss the fare in advance because they ask bigger price.

 Amman Airport to Petra

Bus: Jett

You can book a bus ticket only from the bus station and the cost is 15.60$. The bus departs from Amman every day at 6:30 A.m. and arrive Petra at 10:30 A.m. the total is journey lasts 4 hours.

Operating hours: 6:30 Amman Airport-Amman Bus Station-Petra

Travel time: 4 hours

Waiting time: up to 24 hours

Comfort: Average: air conditioning, a toilet, soft seats, enough space

 Amman Airport to Petra

Public minibus

So the minibus don’t have fixed timetable they leave when the bus in full with travelers. It takes 3.5 hours and it will cost you 7$, buses leaves from Wihdat station.

Operating hours: 9:00 to 16:00 Amman Airport-Wihdat Bus Station-Petra

Travel time: 3.5 hours

Waiting time: departs as soon as it’s full

Comfort class: Average: high speed, air conditioning

Price: 7 $

 Amman Airport to Petra

Book Transfer or Taxi

So if your flight is after 6:30 a.m. and you are traveling with kids and luggage, so we recommend you to take a taxi or book a transfer for comfortable journey, Usually in Amman traffic is jammed so it take more than 3 hours to Petra. Remember local taxi drivers will ask you more so decide the cost first, but now a days many transfer companies offering good rates so before flying to Jordan check their rates as well.

Operation hours: According to your arrival

Itinerary: They will drop you at your hotel in Petra

Travel time: 3 hours depend on Amman traffic.

Waiting time: Max waiting time is 5 mins.

Comfort class: Taxis don’t have no air conditioning or child safety seats. And if your booking transfer in advance so you will know in advance what you are getting. Price: Starts from €138