How to travel from Antalya to Kemer

How to travel from Antalya to Kemer

Antalya is an ultimate resort city in Turkey. It has the biggest international airport in Antalya province and the south Turkey. Most people land on Antalya airport to go to the neighborhood resorts as Kemer, Side, Beldibi, Belek, and many others. Here we will guide you on how to travel from Antalya to Kemer.

Kemer is a resort with beaches, green mountains, ancient architectural, and mysterious caves to mesmerize you. It is 40 km from Antalya. There are a lot of things you can do in Kemer. But don’t forget to visit Ancient Phaselis. It is located near the town of Tekirova. It is an ancient Greek and Roman city and it was established around 700 BC by the Rhodians.

You can also go for diving to see a Paris Shipwreck 25 meters underwater. The ship is believed to have built-in 1896 and was used in World War II.  You can go for hiking in the Beydağları National Park. You also go to check caves with ancient engravings. Book a boat tour to see the natural beauty of Kemer, and don’t forget to eat fresh fish.

You can opt for any transfer route as a city bus, taxi dolmus express bus, rent a car or sea bus. The ticket prices for different modes of transfer varies from EUR 2.5 to EUR 45. Rent a car costs around €13. The duration of travel including waiting time is estimated around 80 minutes to 3 hours.

If you want to reach your destinations sooner, go for private transfers or taxi. And if you want to save cost for travelling, travel through public transport from Antalya to Kemer.

Bus from Antalya Airport to Kemer

If you are traveling with kids and large baggage city buses transfer from Antalya airport to Kemer isn’t suitable, because you have to take two buses to reach Kemer, first you will take bus no.600 from Antalya airport which is located in front of the terminal to Otogar (bus station) to reach Antalya bus station then you have take another bus from the station to the Kemer bus station which is at highway D400, Kemer bus station is 3 km away from Kemer tourist area. The total journey time is almost 2 hours and the cost is EUR 4.

You can find bus stop at Antalya Airport terminal 1 (domestic) near taxi stand and another stop is at terminal 2 (International) on these two points you will find buses to Kemer with proper signs on buses windshields.

Shared taxis (dolmuş)

Dolmus bus is more like public transport, this is suitable for those who want to reach Kemer in short time and don’t have lots of luggage because you have to take two shared taxi. Dolmus buses are a little expensive but they go more often and faster. Trip will cost you EUR 6 and Dolmus bus will drop you in main Kemer resort area.

First you will get Havas shared taxi from Airport terminal 1 stop to Migros Mall, then from Mall you will take another shared taxi to Kemer that will drop you at (Kemer center, Clock tower) total travel time is 1 h 5 min (35 min – to the mall, 30 min – Mall to Kemer) waiting time is Approx. Bus Timetable is shared taxi at the airport: from 04:30 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. | to Kemer: from 06:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Sea bus from Antalya to Kemer

Antalya to Kemer through sea bus is comparatively new form of transportation, if you want to travel in sea bus you have to get to the Antalya sea port, the total journey will cost you EUR 3.7 (tickets to the port for EUR 2, to Kemer – EUR 1.7), travel time is 45-minutes.

Sea bus have small capacity and not so frequent, so add some waiting time in your trip because maybe you will not get first bus. From Antalya airport you will get Havas Shuttle to Kaleici Port: from 04:30 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. From Kaleici Port to Kemer Marina, Kemer Sea bus departures at 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m.


The easiest and fastest way to travel from Antalya Aiport to Kemer is by private transfer or Taxi (for a group of up to 3 people), but this will be expensive trip it will cost you EUR 45, and travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes. Taxi will drop you at the hotel door step without any stops. It’s a good option for those travelers who wants a relaxing trip, and with children and larger luggage. You can get taxi from the taxi rank in front of Terminal 1 exit domestic arrivals area. The second taxi point is when you are exiting airport building turn right few meters away you will see taxi stand.


Car rental in Antalya

Rent a car option is also available at the airport. The benefit of renting a car is you can manage your trip by yourself and also you can discover the main sites of the country. You can drop car any of Turkey cities (for an extra fee). Rent a car company will ask you an international driving license, passport, and embossed credit card. Insurance is included in the rental price, the company will charge a deposit at the time of booking. Make sure you choose a fuel-efficient cars because fuel price in turkey is high so it’s possible you may spend too much on fuel. You can book rent a car in advance also you can book from Antalya Airport.