How to travel from Antalya to Tekirova

How to travel from Antalya to Tekirova

You can travel from Antalya to Tekirova by public and private transport (by a bus or a taxi). The distance between Tekirova and Antalya Airport is around 71 km. The time of traveling from the bus is around 3 hours and 20 minutes with a cost of around $8. The traveling itself is 2 hours and 30 minutes while the waiting time is 50 minutes. If you are taking a car or taxi, the time of traveling will be 1 hour 25 minutes for around $51.

Tekirova is a beautiful town with large hotels in Kemer District, Antalya Province of Turkey. Tekirova is a place of contrasts. If you want to spend your time comfortably and tension-free, Tekirova is the right choice. Tekirova is a small town with a population of around 3500. You can find luxurious hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, diving centers, and much more.

Although there are luxurious hotels and restaurants nature is preserved in a very good way. You can sunbathe, have a long walk in orange gardens and see nature’s beauty which is abundant here. A reptile and rare plant ecological park is the main tourist attraction over there.

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If you are a fan of extreme sports, you will love the rope road, which connects Tekirova with Tahtali Mountain. The rope road is among the longest in the world, as its length is around 4350 meters.

Bus from Antalya to Tekirova


If you want to take a bus to travel from Antalya to Tekirova, you will have to go to Antalya bus station. Do remember that buses don’t run at night time, so if you reach the airport at night time you will have to take a taxi. Don’t forget to convert your money into Turkish Lira as local taxi drivers don’t accept any currency other than Turkish Lira.

To get the bus from the airport to Tekirova you need to get to the bus station. Take Bus no.600 from the airport and get off the bus at “Otogar” stop. It will take around 1 hour of traveling and $2 cost.

You can also reach the Antalya bus station with a Havas group shuttle transfer. This route takes time of 45 minutes, and the ticket costs $3. Shuttles are available from 04:30 to 02:00. After reaching the bus stop, you will take a bus “Antalya-Tekirova”. It will take 1.5 hours, and will cost around $6.You can buy tickets from the ticket office at the bus station or you can buy it from the driver. All the buses are in very good condition: there are an air conditioner and space for large baggage inside.

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Tekirova


If you are carrying a lot of luggage, or are traveling in a big group, or you are traveling with small children or you don’t want to waste your time waiting for bus. You can order a private transfer to travel from Antalya to Tekirova. The time of traveling through the car will take 1 hour 25 minutes; for an economy class car (Small one) you will have to pay $51, you can also hire a minibus for 7 passengers – $59.

Car rental in Antalya

If you want to drive yourself or hire a driver you can rent a car to travel from Antalya to Tekirova. You can drop off the car in any city if you pay extra charges. In this case, you can enjoy nature and sights as per your timetable. To rent a car you need an international driving license, a passport, and a printed credit card.

The rent of the car depends on the time you need the car. The rental price will include insurance as well. The charges are common and are charged by almost every company.

You should choose fuel-efficient cars because oil is very expensive in Turkey so you might be spending a lot of money on petrol. If you reserve the car before arriving there, your car will be waiting for you when you reach Antalya airport.  Important Tip

If you want to save the cost of traveling you should go for a bus option. But if you are short of time, you have children along with you or you have enormous baggage you should opt for the taxi or car rental option. It depends upon your priorities and budget.

Have a nice trip!