How to travel from Bangkok to Cambodia

How to travel from Bangkok to Cambodia

Cambodia and Bangkok have a distance of 465 km. You can travel from Bangkok to Cambodia through taxi, plane, or bus. If you have an international license you can rent a car without a driver. If you take the bus from Bangkok to Cambodia it will cost around $24 and takes almost 11 hours. If your priority is saving time and not money, you can take a flight which will take just 1 hour and 10 minutes and will cost $77. The car or private transfer will take 8 hours and cost around $185.

If the budget is not a constraint, take a flight to feel comfortable. You can take the economy class as a cheap option or first class as per your preference. The airport is just 8km from the city so you need to take a taxi to reach the Siem Reap Airport. The flights are easily available in day time but there are no flights available at night.

If you want to take the bus, there are two buses that depart in the morning. It takes 2-3 hours crossing the borders, buses are air-conditioned and are very cold so it’s better to keep some warm clothes with you. Traveling through a train can encounter you with difficult changes.

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Cambodia known as a country of contrasts, was once the attraction of tourists for one day or two but now tourist prefers Cambodia as a full-on vacation spot. The main location to visit in the country is Angkor Wat, that comprise among the largest temple complexes around the globe. Roam around the city of Siem Reap and try out the local food. To see Phnom Sampeou temple situated at beautiful mountains visit Battambang that is on the way of Phnom Penh. If you are a beach lover you will like Sihanoukville, you can enjoy nature and seafood of islands of the Gulf of Thailand, which are uninhabited to this date. The nightlife is amazing over there as there are many bars and restaurants.


Flight Travel from Bangkok to Cambodia

Thai Sile and Bangkok Airways offer direct flights from Bangkok to Cambodia. The flight time duration is around 55 minutes and the tickets can cost you from $72 to $224 as per the carrier. The flights depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport and all of them are available in the day time, no flight is available at night time.  To the city from Siem Reap Airport, the time duration of traveling is 15 minutes. If you want to have a ticket of a lower price you can travel through AirAsia that departs from Don Mueang Airport. The ticket of which costs around $44.The low-cost flight however have some risks, that they can be canceled or postponed for an indefinite time period.

Airlines as Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, AirAsia will fly you directly to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The flight duration is 1 hour and 10 minutes and the ticket price can vary from $52 to $1933.


Traveling through Bus from Bangkok to Cambodia

The cheapest option to travel from Bangkok to Cambodia is through Bus but it takes more time than other options as well. The time travel is around 7 hours but crossing borders can take hours. The tickets cost around $22-$25. There is two bus journeys per day and both are in the morning. There are many ticket agencies on Khao San Road or at Mo Chit bus station, so you can buy a bus ticket from any of them.

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Another way to reach Cambodia through Bangkok is to get to Aranyaprathet (5 hours, $10) first and then go to the border by tuk tuk (10 minutes, $2). You can take a free bus after crossing the border that will take around 10 minutes and will drop you to Poipet bus station. You can find a bus to Siem Reap ($9, 3 hours), Phnom Penh, or Battambang from Poipet bus station. This transfer is very complicated and can create many difficulties for you.


Private Transfer from Bangkok to Cambodia

If you have a time constraint, book a private transfer from Bangkok to Cambodia. It can have many advantages from choosing the type of vehicle and opaque final price while placing the order. It takes 8 hours to reach Siem Reap and 10 hours to reach Phnom Penh. If you have a big family, you can take a minibus which will cost around $283, and if you have a small family or you are traveling with your partner you can take an economy class car which will cost $185.

 Car rental in Bangkok

You can also rent a car and drive by yourself. You should have your International Driving License, photocopies of documents, health insurance, a passport, etc. Before renting a car, make sure to choose internationally-certified firms to avoid scams. You can have car insurance for the damage, this will cost around $28. The rent of the car for 1 day is $23 to $25. There are lots of rental companies in Thailand, but as fraud is quite common, choose certified international firms. Thai police are quite strict so drive very carefully and use secondary roads.


If you want your trip to be perfect, plan it well. From the above-mentioned transfers choose the one that matches your priorities and constraints, which could be a comfort, time, or budget. Choose the option that matches your need and enjoy!