How to Travel Singapore On A Budget

How to Travel Singapore On A Budget

Singapore is the safest destination in Southeast Asia, but also an expensive country than its neighbors. This little City-Island-Country offers many things to do, with some free things to do. Singapore is a gorgeous country blend of modern metropolitan city and rich culture. If you are planning to travel Singapore on a budget.

Here’s our guide how you can travel Singapore on a budget

Before traveling you need to plan your trip according to your budget. If you are planning to spend $50 to $70 per day, so this per day cost will cover eating, cheap accommodations, and exploring Singapore towns. If you are planning a trip a bit finer and have extra money to spend on bars and drinks so plan an $85 to $100 per day budget.

In Singapore most expensive things are accommodations, travelling around town through taxi and having drinks in Bar. The amount spend on these three things will play a major role on your budget.

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Use Public Transportation in Singapore

The first and important thing for budget travel is to use public transport. In Singapore, you will find a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) a heavy Rail Rapid Transit System. Through MRT you can go anywhere you want in Singapore. You can purchase stander tickets from every station and fares depends on the distance which is average around $4 SGD ($3 USD).

If you buy standard tickets for MRT at every station so it will increase your budget quickly. So save some good amount of cash and use Singapore Tourist Pass. Which gives you unlimited travel. One-day pass will cost you $10 SGD (7.50 USD) Two-Day pass $16 SGD (12 USD) and Three-day pass will cost you $20 SGD (15 USD).

So don’t make mistake and buy Singapore Tourist Pass otherwise you will end-up buying tickets for each train and busy journey which will quickly adds up.

There is also another a bit cheaper option than Singapore Tourist Pass is buy reloadable EZ-LINK card. You can buy EZ-LINK card from train station or 7-Eleven minimarts. Cost of EZ-LINK card is $12 SGD ($9 USD) which includes $7 worth of credit. You can reload EZ-LINK card for $10 SGD at 7-Eleven minimarts. This card will save your time as well as cash. You don’t have to wait in a queues at MRT station to buy standard tickets from ticket machines.

You can use EZ-LINK cards on LRT and MRT trains, also in excellent bus service. You can only pay the distance traveled. But remember when you exit the bus tap your card properly on the card reader machine otherwise you will more than you should have.

Drink Tap Water

You can save more cash by drink tap water. In Singapore Tap water is safe, so why buying disposable plastic water bottle. Just carry refillable bottle with you and fill water from tap, when you are roaming around in town.

Budget Accommodations in Singapore

Accommodation isn’t cheap in Singapore, but still there are some cheap hotels and also some hostels you can consider for your trip to Singapore.

Budget Hotels in Singapore

Hotel Mono:

Hotel Mono is a little boutique hotel located in the city center. All the time hotel offers deals on rooms so before booking check if there is an ongoing deal available. Hotel Mono offers single rooms, double rooms. If you are planning a trip with friends and family and your four so family rooms are perfect for you.

Hotel Yan:

If you are an Indian food lover so hotel Yan is perfect for you because it located next to little India. Hotel Yan offers double rooms for $120 USD.

Hotel Kai: If you are looking for a dream location to stay. Hotel Kai is best. Hotel kai offers Single Rooms which starts from $80 USD also they give you Wi-Fi device that you can use 24/7 all over the Singapore.

Hostels in Singapore

The Bohemian Chic: 

Bohemian Chic offers social accommodation. This hostel located in Chinatown in Singapore. Bohemian Chic is perfect for food and shopping, because many eateries and Malls are nearby, also hostel offers game room and common lounge so you can enjoy evening with friends or other travelers.

 The Pod:

The Pod is located on Beach Road. This property offers capsule bedding and its quite amazing and comfortable than other capsule. The Pod offers daily Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi and personal lockers. From this property Arab Quarter, Haji Lane, Arab Street, Bugis junction mall are just walk away. The Pod offers separate floor for females also Males and mixed dormitories and price starts from $25 USD.

Dream Lodge:

Dream Lodge is located on Lavender Street. It’s a perfect location to getting around because three MRT stations is really close from this property.

Wink Capsule:

Wink Capsule is located in Chinatown. It’s another comfortable social accommodation. Chinatown MRT station is just 3Km walk, also for party lovers popular Clarke Quay area is 15-minutes walkaway, also Bugis street and little India is not too far.

The Quarters Hostel: this hostel is budget traveler’s favorite, its comfy and amazing social accommodation.

Eat at The Hawker Stalls

Singapore Is perfect destination for foodies and you don’t have to spend major part of your budget. In Singapore you will find amazing diverse world-class food. All over the country you can easily find hawker stalls and food centers with Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean meals.

If you want to eat Indian food so you can visit little Indian here you can have delicious Indian dishes also you can visit the Chinatown food center here you can full your tummy in just $5 SGD ($3.74 USD). Also try Singapore popular dishes like Laksa soup, Chicken Rice, and Chili Crab. If you are looking for Halal food so in Singapore there are many best restaurants that offer Halal food.

Day Trip to Sentosa Island

If you didn’t add Sentosa Island due to less budget, so good news is you can visit Sentosa Island also. Cable car is bit expensive it will cost you around $33 SGD ($25 USD) per person, but cheap way is to travel by MRT to Harbour front station and from here you can walk to the Island.

Another cheap option is Sentosa Express which will take you there in just $4 SGD ($3 USD).

Indeed Singapore is an expensive country, but still, you can easily manage to travel Singapore on a budget without having lots of cash, by eating on hawker stalls, do free things, look out for discounts and stay in normal accommodation. Hopefully, these tips will help you on your trip.

If you have any tips on how to travel Singapore on a budget tell us in the comment section below