Labuan Bajo: The Gateway to Komodo

Labuan Bajo: The Gateway to Komodo

Labuan Bajo was once a quiet village and has now become a very attractive tourist destination. Tourists don’t spend an entire vacation in Labuan Bajo itself but this city is the center point and a perfect base for exploring the amazing Island of Flores and Komodo National Park.

You can enjoy diving in the most amazing and incredible points in the world. You can hike the amazingly green forests in panoramic tropical views, and you can also go for island hopping. Labuan Bajo is the best place for lying day and take rest after a long day of exploring and adventure. This article will guide you about Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo.

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How to Reach Labuan Bajo

If you are staying in Bali, it’s super easy to travel around the beautiful island of Flores. There are almost seven flights each day from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores. It is worth a trip and the journey is only an hour and fifteen minutes to get from one city to another.

Komodo Airport or Labuan Bajo Airport is below a mile from within a city. So, you can take a taxi to reach there. You can explore the whole city by walking from the beginning to the end.

Staying in Labuan Bajo

The best resort to stay in Labuan Bajo is Le Pirate Resort. The place is small yet amazing. It has just fourteen rooms, outdoor cinema, a rooftop sky bar, live music, and an amazing pool. The place is designed by keeping a young and modern traveler in mind.

Whatever you are planning, island hopping, or inland adventures, this resort is the best choice for you to stay. Le Pirate Resort is a very ”Economical resort” and its surrounding is very close to nature and has a laid-back, effortlessly chic feel.

Activities in Labuan Bajo

Day Tours

The place is best for ecotourists. The natural beauty of Flores Island is amazing. The best place to visit in Indonesia is the Komodo National Park. We recommend you to spend at least one day in the area to explore it. The Komodo day trips will take you to Manta point, Padar island, Komodo Island, and Pink Beach.

If you want to see the wonders of nature, wear your hiking shoes and go to Padar island. You will enjoy some of the best views by nature in this place. If you are an animal lover you will enjoy swimming with Mantas while snorkeling, dive in the Manta point or you can search and see the world’s largest lizards at UNESCO World Heritage Site Komodo Island. Pink Beach is also worth watching. It has powder-pink sand and is home to lush jungles.

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Go Diving

Whether you are a newbie or you are a pro, Indonesia is the perfect place for diving. If you want to get started, this place is best to get PADI certified.

There are many amazing day trips for divers of all levels. You should explore the warm waters of northern Komodo Island to enjoy the amazing coral. You can also dive in the cooler southern water to swim with the mantas, whales, and an amazing variety of fish. You will enjoy different routes than the typical ones to see remote and amazing diving points in the world.

Explore More of Flores & Mount Kelimutu

It’s not just natural beauty, the island of Flores is more than anything. You will love to see the urban areas of Flores too. Though the cultural life of Ende and Maumare got less attention you will love to check it out as it is very interesting. The village of Ngella is renowned for its textiles, and the surrounding area of Ende is known for its ikat weaving.

Doka village is located just outside of Maumare and is an amazing spot to take a look at Indonesian culture closely. The locals of this village are amazingly friendly and many tourists visit the village to check the handicrafts of this place. You should also see the traditional dance show if you get the opportunity.

Mount Kelimutu is one of the most favorite spots of tourists in Indonesia. You need to take a short flight to reach there as it is on the other side of Flores. You can see the color changing volcanic lakes due to gas reactions. To enjoy the view, you have to arrive before sunrise.