Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan

Scuba Diving  in Gili Trawangan

If you are looking for the best diving spot to experience the thrill of a lifetime! We recommend you to do Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan. A small island off the coast of Indonesia, an island that offers amazing sea life with crystal clear water and has luxurious resorts that await your presence. This island is a paradise for divers. The dive shop over here will help divers to experience the paradise first hand.

If you are up for diving so we recommend you to experience scuba diving with Trawangan in Gili Trawangan.

How to Get Gili Tarwangan

The only way to travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan is to take a speedboat. You will find many speedboats running directly from Bali to Gili Trawangan. You can get a speedboat from Serangan or Padang Bai, it depends on you from which area of Bali you are coming from.

There are no motorized vehicles available because it’s not permitted on the island so during your trip to Gili Trawangan you have three options to explore the island, which take a horse-drawn cart, motorbike or you can walk.

Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan

Staying at Trawangan Dive Centre

Trawangan Dive Centre not only offers diving, they also offer accommodation in a tropical garden. In Trawangan Dive centre you will find, dive center, swimming pools, swim-up bar, beach dining shops and sun beds on the beach. They warmly welcome you and give you a free beverage on your first day to start your vacation.

Trawangan Dive Centre offers different types of accommodation for all guests.

  • Luxury Rooms: offer a furnished terrace in a big gated garden, mini-bar, hot water shower, and a buffet breakfast at the resort restaurant Fat Cats.
  • Standard Rooms: have 22 standard rooms that are affordable and comfortable to stay. They are quite similar to luxury rooms because in standard rooms you will get free breakfast and a furnished terrace but not in the gardens.
  • Sea View Family Room: is a room that is perfect for a group of 4 to 5 people. This room is spacious with a queen-sized bed with an additional bedroom that has two single beds. In this room, you will get a furnished balcony with a beach view also free breakfast for up to 4 guests.
  • Economy Rooms: are smaller than others. These rooms are perfect for 2 persons you will get a terrace with a small gated garden and a buffet breakfast.

If you are staying on any other property you can explore the property, enjoy the restaurant food and swim-up bar.

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Diving Around Gili Tarwangan

Professionals are really important to help you with diving. Trawangan Dive is a 5-star resort and has PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) which means that on this property you will find PADI dive shops and PADI professionals who will help you with your dives. They offer tech dives, fun dives, and PADI courses.

You will be impressed with the facilities and their instructors’ professionalism. We highly recommend you Trawangan Dive if you want to take any PADI courses.

Fun Dive Pricing

Guided Boat DiveIDR 490,000$33
Nitrox Guided Boat DiveIDR 620,000$42
Night DiveIDR 600,000$40

PADI Course Pricing

PADI Open WaterIDR 5,500,000$370
PADI Advanced Open WaterIDR 4,500,000$300
PADI Rescue DiverIDR 5,500,000$370

Dive Sites in the Gili Islands

Trawangan Dive operates on all diving sites of Gili Islands and takes guest to all sites. Most of the sites range in depth from 10 meters to 40 meters and all are full of coral ridges, coral gardens and walls. You can reach on every site within 10 to 15 minutes by boat, this is best for divers because they do multiple dives each day.

Here are some of the sites that you should dive during your stay on Gili Tarwangan!

Japanese WWII Wreck: 

In 1945 Japanese WWII ship Hayabusa Maru was sunk off the coast of Lombok and now it’s a home of corals and many kinds of fish. Its so much fun to dive at this spot, you will explore bullets, captains, quarters and propeller. Max Depth is: 45M Advanced open water+ Nitrox


This site is an excellent spot for all divers, here you will see lots of different caves where sea life like to hang out, mainly sharks. You will also see snapper, rays and triggerfish. Dive starting at 6M and going down to 40M. Max Depth is 30M open water.

Turtle Heaven: 

This spot has a healthy population of hard corals, which make a lot of food for turtles and fish. This is spot is perfect for those who are just starting on diving. Max Depth is 32M open water.

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Deep Turbo: 

This spot is for those who are little more advanced in diving. Here you will see white sand and pinnacles peak out, also blespotted rays are frequently seen floating around. Due to the current, the drift diving is incredible. Here you wil find lots of unexpected animals from the deep sea. Max Depth: 32M advanced open water.

Gili Meno Wall:

If you want to try something new and different than Gili Meno Wall is perfect spot for night dives. Here current changes unexpectedly ranging from nonexistent to the strongest on the island. Here you might find scorpion fish, lobsters, moray eels and crabs Max Dept is 25M Open water and Night Dive.

Simon’s Reef: 

This is another spot for more advanced divers. Here you will see Reef canyons that are spread across the site attracting large number of fish and animals. Max depth is 40M Advanced open water.

Seahorse Bay: 

Seahorse Bay is an amazing site for those divers who wish to dive in night. If you keep your eyes open you might see pygmy seahorses, hairy frogfish and octopus. Max depth is 35M Advanced Open Water.

Shark Point: 

Shark point is one of the most popular sites in the Gili Islands, this spot is perfect for all levels of divers. Here you will find schools of sharks, jackfish and a tugboat wreck at 30 meters. When you come closer to shore the site shallows to as low as 5m where you will see tons of sea turtles swimming through coral fields. Max Depth is 40M Open Water.

Gili Trawangan is a perfect place for every level of divers. It offers so much for divers across the globe. Gili Trawangan is number one and one of the best places for scuba diving in the world.