Top 5 Winter Festivals Around The World

Top 5 Winter Festivals Around The World

As winter approaches, we all start to feel gloomy and depressed. With cold days and longer chilly nights, we begin thinking when winter will be over. But guess what, here are some amazing winter festivals that will take away all the gloominess in your life and will lighten up your mood.

Discover the ways to have fun and excitement in the cold weather and plan to attend these festivals in your winter holidays.

Cologne’s Carnival


It is one of the Europe’s biggest and oldest carnival which is celebrated by millions for straight 6 days. It’s a dress up carnival with lots of fun, music and craziness.

This carnival is crazier than the Oktoberfest and the entire city takes part in this festive chaos. Everyone let’s loose, dress up, dance, sing and get wasted! Anyone from outside the city will not recognise the city during the carnival days because it is transformed at a whole different level.


Cologne Carnival is referred as the 5th season of the year and officially starts on 11th November at 11:11am. The carnival 6 days are known as ‘crazy days’.

The carnival is name after the Germany’s undisputed carnival king Cologne. The 6 days of carnival are filled with parades, music, balls and parties.

The Crazy Days are celebrated by people as they flood the streets in different costumes and drink beer freely! Parties are happening everywhere in the streets, public places, pubs and restaurants. Men dress up as women and women dress up as men, there are no rules however bad behaviour is absolutely not acceptable.

Amsterdam Light Festival


The annual Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF) WINTER FESTIVALS is held from November till January. The festival lights up the entire city with brilliant light works. More than hundreds of ideas are submitted by artists, architectures and designers from across the world and 30 light works are chosen to be put up on the festival.

The route of the festival varies every year but it is usually held within the canal ring with illuminating light displays popping along the canal and around the Amstel river.

The glittering light sculptures are shown from the water and festival partners organise cruises for the viewers to enjoy the scenes from the water. This is the best way to see the festival. Whereas local prefer  to take a stroll on their bikes during day time.

Make sure you do not miss out on Dutch pancakes, fries and waffles during the festival.

Ljubljana Dragon Carnival


The dragon festival in Ljubljana WINTER FESTIVALS, Slovenia is a combination of traditional folklore and pagan mythology. This is a fascinating carnival which takes place in February. It includes a parade of a giant green dragon which is also the city’s mascot.


You can enjoy a tour around the city and explore the architectural heritage in the medieval streets. You just not forget to taste the 300 years old Slovenian wine to know the local flavour. Moreover, if you want to explore the nature scenic beauty then a day trip to Lake Bled is a must. The glacier lake will inspire you and the Slovenian Alps will impress you for life!

Venice Carnival


The magnificent Venice Carnival take place from January till February also known as Carnivale di Venezia.

Thousands of tourists from across the globe come to see this brilliant carnival as they walk around the city in fancy dresses and reliving the 18th century Venice.

Explore the magical scenes and image yourself as a Venetian 300 years ago. The mysterious Venetian masks will give you an irresistible attraction and you will experience moments that you will never forget.

The theme of the carnival is based on art and tradition of Venetian traditional artisans as they show off their ancient lace producing techniques, glass, gondolas and the most important masks!

The streets of Venice are flooded in winters during the two week carnival with endless performances, masked balls and concerts. You can also enjoy the water ride to the neighbouring islands of Murano and Burano to witness glass blowing and lace making crafts and also collect souvenirs.

Whistler World Ski & Snowboard Festival

A North American power pack and full of adventure festival for 10 straight days will bring out all the energy inside you. Also known as WSSF, this festival is full of non stop action events.

The festival begins in April and includes incredible sporting competitions with art and music. You will get entirely different vibes for this festival and you won’t regret it! The ski and snowboard competitions and exciting night life will make your winters memorable.

Spend the whole day participating in the snow sports or watch the competitions with free outdoor music concerts and capture every moment.


To get a rush of adrenaline hop on the zip line tour and ride on 2,400 feet long zip line! You can also go and see Shannon Falls and take a ride in the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish.

Whistler is 75miles from Vancouver and is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to travel.

These amazing festivals will make you forget you full and boring winters can be! Spend winters in fun and exciting way and plan your holidays accordingly.