Top Things To Do In Italy

Top Things To Do In Italy

Italy’s claim to fame are some of its architectural wonders, natural splendors, and contemporary benchmarks, which are truly deserving of a once-in-a-lifetime visit. So, we have come up with top things to do in Italy for a regretless trip, so do give it a read.

Ride The Classic Venetian Gondola

A Gondola Ride in Venice is as important as a trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Most Gondola Rides begin at Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge and are offered at standardized rates. Sailing through the Venetian waters while gazing at the starlit skies is nothing short of a fairytale, so take our advice and get your better half to ride with you.

Optional: Visit the islands of Murano

Go Hop-on-Hop-off in Rome

Europe’s hop on hop off tours are world-renowned but in Rome, these are just perfect to spot the antique gems in one go. Just hop on a bus and get down whenever you feel like exploring the attractions. The Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona are some of the attractions of Rome that you will come across while embarking on this tour.

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Ski Through The Alps

Come sliding down Europe’s highest mountain ranges and get your eyes frozen on the snow-capped beauty of the Alps. The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  holds the best skiing resorts of Italy. Here you can get a challenging skiing experience depending on your past experience and mastery of the sport. Just a small tip, do your research about the resorts as the variety can make you confused.


Get A Dose of Sun and Sea At The Italian Beaches

In Italy there are two types of beach, one, that is popular, forming a socialization setting for Italians, and second, the off-the-beaten-track ones hiding from paparazzi, people, and especially the internet. The former type consists of Viareggio, Sanremo, and Rimini beaches and the latter of, Calabria beaches, Costa Verde, Baia de Turchi, and Maddalena Islands. No matter where you go, the vast stretch of sand and sea ensure a soothing sun-bathing bout and a variety of other fun and frolics.

Hike The Cinque Terre

Challenge yourself for a hike in the Clinique Terre and be rewarded with scenic vantage points amongst cliffs, lakes, and quaint towns and villages. The longest hike is from Sentiero Azzurro to Monterosso and continuing to Riomaggiore (12km), also called the Blue Path Trail, while the shortest and least challenging one is the Via dell ‘Amore.  Make sure to choose a pleasant weather day for the hike.

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Turin for Cinephiles and Chocoholics

Turin is definitely a worthwhile visit for every tourist, but for cinephiles and chocoholics, it’s too big of a loss to let go. Turin’s ties with chocolate might be as famous as Belgium. But, those who know, know that each year the region holds a pompous chocolate festival, offering a sweet treat and testimony to Turin’s great affair with chocolate.

As for cinephiles, Mole Antonelliana is the place to be. Learn about the history of cinema and climb up the terrace to encounter jaw-dropping vistas of the landscape.

Bow To The Fashion Guru – Milan

Take a trip down the fashion capital Milan and be amazed at the amount of talent the place holds. Milan is the most fashionable Italy can get and every year it breaks its own records. The place commands natural appreciation for its fashion, given you have an eye for detail. Moreover, cultural sites like the Pinacoteca di Brera, The Sforza Castla, and the Duomo di Milano are a must-visit attraction of Milan.

Optional: Plan a day in Lake Maggiore

Take Off For A Full Day In Colourful Capri

Capri is Italy’s own mini Greece and even a lively stroll in the Capri town center is enough for you to fall in love with the place. Take a ferry ride from Naples, the historic town of Italy,  to Capri, and make sure to visit the Blue Grotto and the viewpoint of Tragara. Additionally, do some food sampling in the comfy cafes with terraces overlooking the bay in the town center.

That’s it for now! Do let us know if you have any suggestions for us.