Traveling to the Netherlands

Traveling to the Netherlands

When traveling to the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the top city travelers consider stopping. However, there is more to the Netherlands than most travelers assume. From tulip fields and windmills, there is plenty of charm in the small country.

The Best Time to Visit the Netherlands

If you are checking plane tickets for your next adventure, the best time to visit the Netherlands is between September and November. In the fall, food and beer festivals occur drawing travelers and locals. During these months, visitors can expect pleasant temperatures to enjoy cultural festivities. Another popular month to visit the country is in April. The month of April is when the tulips bloom and festivals occur around the flower. Unless travelers are seeking to come in with the tourist rush, they should avoid July and August as many visitors come during summer breaks.

Photo by Tamar Gogua

Best Restaurants in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to the finest restaurants that locals enjoy along with visitors. If in search of a meal or treat, consider the following:

1. Stads-koffyhuis

Located in Delft, Stads-koffyhuis is an ideal breakfast spot. Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee and a meal outdoors during the warmer months. Serving eggs, salads, pancakes, pies, and sandwiches, fill yourself up with a special treat. Best of all, the small cafe looks over the canals.

2. Brasserie Chapter

A popular restaurant in Hague is the Brasserie Chapter. The small restaurant is known for serving steak, tuna tartar, sausages, salmon, duck, and more. While the menu is short, there are plenty of options to choose from. Diners can expect a pleasant meal at a restaurant run by a local couple. Do not forget to stay for dessert! The creme brulee is a must-have.

3. Restaurant Fitzegerald

Care for fine dining? A fancy restaurant to eat with a beautiful ambiance is in Gelderseplein. Restaurant Fitzgerlad offers a six-course menu. While the menu can be a bit pricey, travelers can indulge in a once and a lifetime restaurant and embrace the delicious experience. Fancy wine? Restaurant Fitzgerald made the Star Wine List of the year in 2021.

Best Hotels in the Netherlands

Once your plane ticket is booked, the next step is looking into stays. Depending on the city, here are a few hotels to consider:


1. The Hoxton

At the Hoxton, travelers can relax in the city of Amsterdam while enjoying a drink on the Herengracht canal. The Hoxton is in close proximity to restaurants and stores. If you are in search of a cozy hotel in the middle of a vibrant city, the Hoxton is a perfect choice.


2. Ambassade Hotel

Located alongside the 17th central canal, the Ambassade Hotel offers exceptional accommodations within walking distance of shopping areas. History lovers who desire to dive into the history of the Netherlands can stay at the hotel and visit the Anne Frank House along with museums located nearby.

If you are planning your next trip to the Netherlands, immerse yourself in the culture and consider the recommendations listed.