Someone wise once said, “variety is the spice of life.” Lisbon takes this motto to a new level. You could spend a month here and find something new to do each day, but for any weekend warriors — don’t worry, 48 hours is enough for our Lisbon highlights reel.

Day 1

7:00 AM

Make sure you have got your comfy shoes on, we’ve got lots of walking to do. And yes, the hills are going to be demanding. Our initial stop is breakfast, wherever you’ll be able to fuel au courant a pãozinho (bread roll) and galão (espresso with milk). If you actually need the internal angle on Lisbon’s cookery culture, you’ll be able to conjointly choose a stroll through the beautiful streets around Rossio sq. with an enthusiastic guide.

10:00 AM

The top of the rough landscape (pun intended) is that the range of wonderful lookouts dotted throughout the town. Use that caffeine-sourced motivation to steer up to the Miradouro Diamond State Nossa Senhora do cards, one in all the most effective views within the town. And it’s actually priced fairly: this lofty perch is one in all the city’s most Instagram-friendly spots. For those not eager to ruin the photograph with a sweating brow, you’ll be able to climb the mountain in comfort with an e-bike.

1:30 PM

Leave heights behind in favor of the cobbled footpaths of Rua prosecuting officer Misericordia. Here, you’ll be able to fancy the rejuvenated waterways, take a ship tour, or simply individuals watch at the funky hotspot of Cais do Sodre. simply a brief walk-off is that the MAAT or depository of Art, design, and Technology, thus peep within and find out unimaginable exhibitions from internationally famous artists. If you’d rather see some part of the additional fashionable selection, choose this street art tour. A personal guide can show you graffiti and concrete art across town — from large-scale installations to political and social murals.

4:00 PM

It’s been hours since breakfast, which suggests it’s time to select up a number of Lisbon’s noted delicacy, pastel Diamond State data (custard tart). Swing by a pastelerias or specialty store to expertise the creamy egg tarts for yourself. Remember, you’ve been walking up and down hills all morning thus forbearance may be left at the door.

8:00 PM

Starving for some jantar? Head to Alfama, one in all the city’s oldest areas, for dinner and a show. Indulge in ancient cookery in one in all the neighborhood’s prime feeding spots whereas being attentive to the enchanting melancholy (and usually romantic) native folksong music sung by a neighborhood balladeer. Afterward, you can hop during a tuk-tuk for a nighttime tour of the town of Seven Hills and see the city in a new lightweight (literally).

Day 2

10:00 AM

You mustn’t visit Lisbon while not seeing the well-known Tram twenty-eight. Coated in vibrant graffiti, an icon of the town, this straightforward tram can transport you via the scenic route through the boroughs of Lisbon. Going from one finish of the road to the opposite may be a good way to induce a compassionate the general atmosphere of the town, however, watch out — this team is additionally a favorite for pickpockets.

Once you’ve taken enough photos of this yellow large, hop off and wander right down to the Feira prosecuting officer Ladra market. Established within the thirteenth century, this market has as several odd specialties as decades in store for you.

1:00 PM

After lunch at the markets, place your newly discovered energy to churn and head to the city, home to Lisbon’s most well-liked historical landmarks. The initial stop is the Jerónimos religious residence, home to a number of Portugal’s greatest figures — Vasco prosecuting Officer Gama stayed here and Fernando Pessoa is buried within the close land site.

Time for a brief walk off and looming over the encompassing skyline is that the Lisbon’s Cathedral, which was inbuilt 1147, something design geeks would most certainly fancy. Periodic renovations have ensured the building coupled with a fascinating mixture of designs across the centuries.

4:00 PM

Leave history within the past and create your excess of to the Terreiro do Paço, one in all Lisbon’s most stunning squares. For a really lazy Sunday, stop at the scenic Ribeira das Naus or continue on to the riverfront, wherever you’ll be able to chill with a brew and watch the boats within the afternoon sun you know Lisbon has stolen your heart.

7:30 PM

What’s more invigorating than glancing at lovely boats? Boarding them. Sailing on Lisbon’s city district is a way to be appreciative to end your weekend. And so, offer your feet a rest and revel in the native (beverage) culture. Bonus: your spot on deck is right to select out the sights and must-dos for your next visit!