Where to Stay in Bali, Indonesia

Where to Stay in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of those places which you want to visit again and again. Bali has so much to offer for every type of traveler. If you are a vegetarian you have got the best vegan food on the planet to eat, if you party like nobody is watching Bali has an amazing nightlife just waiting for your presence, if you want to connect with nature and awake the inner spiritual self-lush green scenery is your call and if you are a surfer then waves of Bali Island will provide world-class surfing. This is not the end here in fact this is just a starter, there are a lot more places to explore and a lot more things to do in Bali. If you are not sure where to stay in Bali, let us help you in plan your next Bali trip.

Bali is the kind of island where you can select your own adventure and you will experience something new every time you visit. Bali is a secure destination, whether you are a solo female traveler or you are planning a romantic trip with your partner. Bali is also perfect for backpackers and budget travelers. It’s all about the location, what kind of experience you want, and where to stay in Bali. 

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Indeed Bali is an amazing destination but just be careful during rush hours. Bali’s traffic is worst people think that their country traffic is craziest in the world and if the locals of Bali say their traffic is worst trust us they mean it! During rush hour 10 Km journey will take a solid one hour of your time so book a place according to your interest and which areas you want to explore. If you want to live near beach and want to see lush green valleys or visit yoga places most days so stay near them.

Here is our guide of each neighborhood in Bali to help you to plan your Bali trip, this guide will help you figure out which area suits you best to stay in Bali.


Ubud is all about jungle feels being close to the Monkey forest. The amazing rice fields, shrines and breathtaking waterfalls also with some yoga centers, Ubud is a lush green region.

If you want to experience Balinese local life experience this area is perfect. In the center of Ubud you can also explore the biggest market in this area and that is perfect for those who want to buy souvenirs.


Canggu is the favorite spot among many travelers and the good thing is that this area is so close with everything that it makes walking easy around. This is also very safe in Bali for solo female travelers and this is the reason that you will also be able to see other solo travelers too.

In Canggu area you will see lots of beach bars and cafes and if you want to do surfing so head to the main road of town Batu bolong. There are also many small warungs (roadside cafes) all over the area and some amazing street art as well!


Looking for a posh and upscale spot on the sand? Seminyak is one of the largest beach communities and you are going to love Seminyak because you will have everything outside your doorstep. Luxury resorts, sleek bars and high-end shopping.

We recommend you to explore popular area in Seminyak like: Jalan Kayu Aya, Jalan Petitenget also popular Eat street. And if you are interested in surfing so Petitenget and Seminyak beaches are the perfect spots.

Jimbaran Bay

If you are planning a trip to Bali with family so we recommend you to stay in Jimbaran Bay, it’s a wonderful mix of luxury resorts and the Balinese community. Jimbaran Bay is also perfect for seafood lovers, here you will find plenty of spots to try amazing fresh seafood. In the afternoon you can go for a walk and explore the local market of the town. Jimbaran bay is a bit crowded but not that much touristy like some other spots.

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If you are planning a relaxing trip to Bali away from crowd so Uluwatu is a perfect spot for those who want quiet and peaceful area. Southern part of Uluwatu Island is stunning, you can choose a quite villa on the coast or well-maintained resort.

If you want an amazing panoramic view, so walk up to Uluwatu Temple, this area is well known for its mesmerizing lush green ambiance and sparkling turquoise sea.


Have you ever seen beautiful Tegalalang rice terrace before? Usually travelers go there for couple of nights and take few photos. We would recommend to you to stay a bit longer in this underrated area. During your stay wake up early atleast one morning and hike up to Mt Batur to experience amazing sunrise.

Not Recommended

We all love Bali beacause its an amazing place for every kind of traveler but, following are some areas that we not highly recommend, they are not simply worth it.


Kuta area is known for backpacker travelers. In this area you will find cheap hotels and hostels to stay. Bali is not an expensive destination so why stay in crazy crowded area to save few dollars? If you are a backpacker traveler so you can choose Canggu or Seminyak which are more chill and can give you the exact same feel of the backpacker vibes.


Sanur is family-oriented spot, not so many things to do and from this area it can take lot of time to get to the other places. Main beaches are not so well-maintained only the resorts are nice places to relax.


The airport is not a long-term stay area unless you have an early morning flight to catch and you are happy to stay and hang out at the hotel in night. In this area, you will not find many things to do and also it’s not a walkable area.